Finding your Sanity 101

Tired and sleepy. That’s what we’re all feeling right now.

After the open house held here at the NEmation studio yesterday, what else could anyone feel?

Nonetheless, it was an eye-opening experience for us if not a bit (pun intended) *cough* a lot *cough* scary. Amongst the three groups of people that visited us yesterday were reporters and judges, our school teachers and principals and the last batch being our family and friends.

For the first time in forever (*insert Frozen song*), we had to present our story ideas and parts of our animation clip to people that were not only going to judge us, but also help us in the voting phase (so please, to whoever is reading this, please support us!!).

Since the crowds we had to face were different, we had to learn to atone to their professionalism standards too. For example, the script we had prepared was very informal and hence, we had to tweak it here and there on the day itself to make it more formal and to satisfy the needs of the batches of reporters and school representatives, but yet keep to our team’s personality.

Nevertheless, Finding Sanity is proud to announce that we have survived yesterday’s apocalypse and even gained fellow Finding Hakyeon in the Dark fans!!:):) (please refer to our previous posts for more information on the sacred drink)

Even after having went through the Crowds of Horror from yesterday, we felt that the open house had really taught us many new things and most probably helped us in the promoting of our video clip too. We have learnt how to respond to the questions that are shoved into our faces by reporters and how to think on our feet, coming up with satisfactory answers for them right on the spot.

Like they say, there is no better time than the present, and hence, we will now give you a vivid description on what Finding Sanity has been up to as of today:):)

Since we are already almost done with our clip, today has been a pretty uneventful day for us (awww). We are constantly looking for something to do and have even reached the point where we are trying to sync similar videos on two different computers.


Finding Sanity will never go down without a fight with boredom!! (considering we face that in school daily and practice makes perfect) we will always find away to amuse ourselves (whether it benefits others or like most of the time..? Not…)

For instance! We went bankrupt during lunch while buying $17 worth of sushi, not including our main course. That’s right folks. $17. Because of that, we had to run up and down, between the NEmation studio and Koufu, trying to find enough vouchers to spend… today, we definitely burned more calories than we gained…  if any of you are interested in finding out who the culprit was in this whole situation, it was none other than… DRUMROLL PLEEEEAAAASE,

OUR TEAM LEADER!!! WOOHOOOO!!! *cough cough cough*

Well… at least we finished the food, right..?

And that’s all today on the Finding Sanity channel!!:):) Stay tuned for the next episode of… Finding your Sanity 101 with Finding Sanity!!!

Disclaimer: watching reading this show blog will NOT necessarily help you find you sanity. Instead, it may do just the opposite… WATCH READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Viewer discretion is advised for the following audien- ok we’re too lazy to continue. Use your imagination folks.

That’s all for today then:) Finding Sanity, off to find our sanity!! Byeeeeeee



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We’ve got to work, work, work things out!

Alo-hah, people🙂

It’s almost the end of Week 2 of our production. Time flies fast huh. 

This week, we got to know team impossibro from CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School. They are so fun and easy to get along with. From singing songs across tents to having a mini photoshot, we totally had fun bonding together.

The production is not easy for both our teams, probably same goes with the others. Team Finding Sanity used to be very cheerful and great us whenever we pass by their tent but everyone seems to be having their eyes glued to their computer screens and tablets. We really hope that things will work out and we will be able to share with everyone our product with no regrets. 

Wanna find out what’s going on ? Checkout the video we’ve made in our facebook page @dinosoar.krss.official 

Don’t forget to like our facebook page and follow us on instagram ( @dinosoarzz )

Till next time amigos!

-Putri , Dinosoar🙂

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Summary of first week

Hey everyone,

Dinosoar is back!!!!! We have succesfully survived the first week of production!! We are still in the process of  producting our video for you guys and cant wait for you guys to see it.

During the first week, we had to go through thick and thin as problems start to arise and solutions seem to be missing. But as a team, we faced them and made it! We have lost a very great instructor as he had to go back to studying. Though it was hard for us to say goodbye to him,  we had to move on…:(. However, we have an instructor whose not really in charge of us so we just have to adapt to it and standby each of our 4 backs.

So please give us encouragement to go on to make the most awesomest video for all of you. We will appreciate it so much. We still have 2 weeks left for production, and we hope that we can survive and make our video better everyday.

Thats all for now but do expect the most awesomest video you have ever seen!                          Dinosoar out.


Iqmal ;))

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Open house!!

Today was open house day! We were extremely nervous when we were pitching our ideas to the visitors, teachers and our parents. It was a very interesting experience after all as we get to share with our parents what we were doing the past 2 weeks.
As of today, we are behind schedule. Our scene have many content in it, thus, we have a lot to watch out for and refine while animating. The huge file size also caused our computers to lag and the software to crash. I’m sure that for the remaining days we would have to overtime, like always.

But of course, it wouldn’t be a day without some interesting and weird things in Geekstrux’s lives! Today, strangely everyone started doing tricks, and when I say tricks it means doing hardcore stunts! Our opposite neighbour started trying to clap with their feet in midair, and of course there were heavy stomping. And our dear instructor, Ms Heather, did a cartwheel! Followed by a fellow Top 10 member! (The only male participant) Another instructor also did a handstand and….he walked with his hands!😱

Us being the great audience, had to take the front row. And I must say, Ms Heather does look like a Crescentian, wearing that bright yellow shirt with blue jeans! Hey, crescent pride!

Lastly, to our dear teammate Chloe,
Please name your files properly and save your work in the drive. We had a hard time finding it. And as Nika says, sitting *is not* standing. Thank you and have a great time at Taiwan!

Your geeky teammates

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More about us!

hey guysss!

Our first post was extremely formal (Maelynn had a misconception of the tone lol) and we didn’t manage to go into that much detail about ourselves, so we’ve decided to make up for it in this post!!

If you must know, our team is made out of 3/4 hard core K-Pop (Maelynn,nika,wan ting), and that one lonely soul a somewhat otaku with not much time to watch anime cause school, just school (Chloe). (pstt WHO WATCHES ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM) *cough* I shall stop here else the rest would kill me BUT can you imagine?! Everything the rest of the team ever talks about is literally k-pop, and to the extent the rest of the sec 2’16 computer club (hi guys if you’re reading this) so during cca Chloe’s just like kill me now plz.

Apart that everyone here has 2 siblings, apart from our Wan Ting who is an only child.

Wan Ting is also our MVM (most valued member) extremely talented and a total genius. But she’s also rather lazy, and that’s not fair since she’s still so smart (whyyy)

Maelynn is also smart and hardworking at times with schoolwork. But when it comes to computer stuff, welllll it takes some time like for example this competition we had at the start of the year , and had to create a motif, here’s what she came up with:

^maelynns masterpiece
You get the idea (sorry mae)

Nika is the aedes mosquito, loves everything with stripes. She likes to whistle (but can’t), and is scared easily. (Read the other posts!)

Lastly Chloe is like super bad at math (who else is? :DD) and the shortest, weird person in a group (ya know what I mean)

That’s all let us know in the comments if you have anymore questions!

Geeking off,

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Open House Mania – Passionfruit🍓

Forgive us if this post is short, it’s been so goddamn tiring (writer of this post woke up with a headache today so yeah 😥) but on a happy note, we’re back and super happy from today’s event! As you can probably tell, it’s the NEmation Open House today, and it was super packed with activities and people.
The wonderful day started not so wonderfully though, when poor Maybelle accidentally saved a scene onto a wrong file, erasing an entire scene

Thankfully, we have our ** wonderful ** instructor Mr Nova who helped us redo the scene quickly in ten minutes so let’s give a big hand to Mr Nova, our saviour 👏👏👏 (btw, Maybelle apologizes profusely😓 to Mr Nova and Pamela who are most likely reading this)

After the traumatizing incident, we quickly got back to work, only to be torn away by giving our elevator pitch to crowds of visitors, filming videos, answering questions; which caused us to feel awkward and nervous after the end of every event.

But then our vice principal, Mr Chua, and teacher-in-charge, Miss Yew, came to visit us! They were really supportive and gave us tips on how to get votes in the future so ehehe 😏😏

Afterwards, even more friends came! (Wow we have friends:0) Xin Yu, Nadhirah and Tricia – our juniors – came to support us, along with Miss Ang, our teacher! She supported us too, along with the tiny cupcakes she got for us:DD

Some of our parents came along too, and together, we introduced our animation and showed them what we had done for the past two weeks. It was tiring and nervewrecking to repeat the same presentation over and over, but it was worth it. Many people said our animation was meaningful so yippee!!🎉🎉

And as our day came to an end, we reminisce our days spent together in our cooped up tent, only to have Mr Nova tell us why we sit in our table arrangement (two tables facing one another, with Mr Nova’s table squashed in the middle). The reason was for us to be able to look at one another and as such, bond deeper with one another:)) aw how sweet!

Well, the day is coming to an end, so here is the end of our post. It was really fun and tiring and exciting, seeing so many visitors and interviewers going around and having mikes shoved in front of our faces. And at the end of the day, we’re sure all of us remember how far we’ve come and where we are today.

And after that very deep quote, remember to follow our instagram and twitter, and we hope you’ll look forward to tomorrow’s blogpost. Goodnight everyone! 🍅🍉🍊🍎🍓

Picture of the day:

P.S. Our umbrella was our original idea that brought us here so it’s a VERY important icon for us😉 

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today pearlyn underwent surgery?!!!???!!?!

hey guys!! today marks THREE MORE DAYS TILL THE END OF PRODUCTION!! we’re still trying to perfect our video and we’re super excited for u guys to see our final product!!

also pearlyn wasn’t present today bc she had a minor surgery… get well soon pearlyn..❤

anyways we started off the day filming (as usual) and for a change and also for a healthy diet, instead of buying koufu food, we ate cup noodles! throughout the day we also ate cheese balls using chopsticks bc that was what mr ariel told us to do…


today’s filming went pretty well!!!! welp better than usual! the camera didnt shift today so all’s well!!! we had to redo a scene for like 5 times and tmr we still have to reshoot it because the paper moved :,) but its okay!!! at least now we got like arnd 70% or so of the video done!

also today was open house and it was super fun bc we got to share our story with lots of people! later that evening our families and friends came and we finally got to show them what we have been working so hard on for the past weeks! it was super cool!!

well folks that’s the end of today’s blog post!! jolene won’t be here for the rest of production bc she’ll be in korea looking at all her oppas!! bye jolene!! SAFE FLIGHT!!!!

also remember to follow our instagram @im.possibro and our twitter @_impossibro!! thanku for ur support!


until next time!❤

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The Nightmare before Open House – PassionFruit🍓

Hello hello! It’s your favourite passionfruits back again with another post! Week 3 has started and boy is it already tiring 😩 with final touch ups, the Dreaded NSF guy, and computers crashing every five minutes!!! Poor Pamela, and her computer (rip her work)

But there was a slight solace in the fact that Mr Nova bought us ice cream! 😲😲 Isn’t he such a great trainer? (cough cough) but anyways, here’s a disorganized picture of our ice creams!

But after our wonderful treat, we had to get back to WORK which consisted again of multiple editing and redoing. After some timex we kinda got sidetracked and began watching Pingu (IT’S A STOPMOTION ANIMATION LIKE WHAT) and searched up our childhood tv shows. Mr Nova introduced us to Nightmare Before Christmas, another amazing stopmotion (so you can probably guess what inspired our title). But as our energy dissipated over time, we resorted (again) to doodles and doodles and more doodles

Mabel actually created a character called Pochu together with side characters. Unfortunately, being horrendously forgetful, she forgot to take a picture of them so we’ll probably upload a separate blogpost full of our doodles tomorrow;)

(Picture added in later HAHA) 

Speaking of tomorrow, it is the NEmation Open House! We are going to be so tired and busy tomorrow, but hey, at least that means we will have something to write about for tomorrow’s post.

Don’t forgot to follow our Instagram and Twitter too! 

And as the day comes to an end, we will end off here. Tomorrow will be an interesting day, so get ready! Good night, and see you all soon! 🍅🍉🍊🍎🍓

Picture of the day:

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Week Two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week Two Recap!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week Two is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One more week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well with the start of the week, it served as a beginning to our UNO
Did you know……
You can do so many things with UNO, like,

– Play UNO (duh)
– Play Stress
– Play dominos
– Make a tower of cards

It’s a Rock Fact!!!!


On Tuesday Donut Michelle broke her first lamp. Then she broke another one
Friday. The start of her lamp breaking adventures.

Thankfully we had Donut Ilyzah who fixed it back for us.


Well on Wednesday Donut Wai Sheen was not able to make it.
She fell sick.
But ‘do nut’ worry,
she’s alright.
But she did miss the cake cutting ceremony that was held for all the
November and December babies.
There was cake, a caramel dripping cake.
Everyone sang Happy Birthday and ate cake,
but poor Wai Sheen she missed out.

Then she came back on Thursday,
she did her work in the morning,
and after lunch she came back,
to find her computer crashed.

Saddest of all she did not save her work.
So, she had to do the work again. Boo Hoo!

But ‘do nut’ worry again, it was only 2 hours of work and she finished.
We are all back on track again.

Also on Thursday Donut Michelle bought cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baumkuchen Cheese Cake.
We cut it and ate it.
It was a good cake.


Finally on Friday we realised that global warming is real and doughnuts
may die so we started recycling for the Save The Donuts/Doughnuts campaign.

Rubbish 1.jpgRubbish 2.jpg

PS. The note on the picture states:
Please Throw Rubbish In Me.
I Love Rubbish.
I Will Eat Whatever You Give Me
– D & D Inc Dustbin

Also on Friday Donut Raksha learnt how to use a chopstick. Well she still
can’t use it yet but she is the process of learning. She picked up an
eraser with two pencils.

What can we say,
It’s a start.

So that was basically what our Week Two was like.
In terms of animation, we are glad to say we are on track,
We only stayed back twice last week
And managed to finish everything we are supposed to finish.

Anyways we have to end now,

do remember to follow us and like us on

Instagram:@doughnutsndonuts, Twitter:@doughnutsndonuts and Facebook:@ilyzaherffian


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peanut earrings???!!?!?!

hey guys!! today marks the start of WEEK THREE?? time passes as fast as usain bolt……😦

anyways today we kinda redid the second half of the video because what we did on saturday was a lil wonky bc the paper kept moving and there were shadows casted from the thick stack of paper!!! hence theres qUite a lot of room for improvement so we’re gonna spend the whole week doing that!

we made a hobo area in our tent by placing cardboard on the floor and along the walls and we kinda just sat in a circle and ate peanuts??! and pearlyn helped us hang peanuts on our ears it was super lit!!!


^ today renee made this face @ mr ariel and he finds it super hilarious??? so it became a thing in our tent🙂

tomorrow’s open house and we’re super excited to meet new people and show them what we have been working on so far!! also if u wanna go its at the nyp lounge from 7-8pm and there should be food??!! so bring a friend along and come to our tent we’ll give u cheese balls!!🙂

that’s the end of today’s blog post!! remember to follow our instagram at @im.possibro and our twitter @_impossibro thank u guys for all the support and we’re super super SUPER grateful for all of u!!

until next time!❤

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