NEtitanxII: Thank You But It Is Not the End Yet…

Hello, everyone! We are back after so long – yea, so sorry that we have not been updating the blog because we have been busy catching up on our school work, CA1 tests and CCA activities. So yea, this will be the last time we will be blogging until we fly to the USA!!! So meanwhile we just want to express our heartfelt gratitude – in simple English, to say MANY BIG THANKS from the depths of our hearts to those who have supported us and those who have helped us throughout this simply amazing 8 months’ journey.

First and foremost, we the members of NEtitanxII would like to really, really thank our fantastic Teacher-in-charge Mr. Alexander Choy for being with us throughout these past two years – yea, man! He is truly the man for being keeping the faith, for patiently believing in us that we can achieve – that is how we got our motto, “Believe to Achieve, Achieve to Believe.” He is our source of motivation especially since he has been involved in this awesome animation competition since Season 3, man! O man! That is like wow, 7 to 8 years of waiting  to produce a CHAMPION in this national competition. We are really so glad that Mr. Choy is our Teacher IC as without him, it could have been a disaster hor…. ha ha, Mr Choy, we love you for the way you keep us together as a team, for allowing us to throw ideas at you the way we had done… after you allowed us to form the original NEtitanx team the way we formed in the year 2014…


Next, we really want to thank the wonderful people of NEXUS and the magnificent trio of Mr Wei Siong, Mr Ellery and Mr Joshua from AnImagine for organizing this competition without which we would not have gotten so much fun, sweat and tears from the opportunities that NEmation! gave us during the past two Seasons to work together with our teacher to come up with concept seed ideas to promote the message of Total Defence in a very fun way to the people of Singapore. Indeed we would now encourage our juniors to work even harder for the next 10 seasons of NEmation!



Not forgetting to say a super BIG Thank You to our instructors of the past two Seasons – Mr Xavier the 10th edition Batman and Mr Lander the 9th edition Kung Fu Panda teacher for shedding many blood, sweat and tears in pushing us to work harder, for scolding us,  and for giving feedback to our teacher throughout our NEmation journey from NEtitanx to NEtitanxII. Batman Xavier, thank you so much for helping us to improve our story and also for enriching our experience in NEmation while tolerating our noisy laughter and cheeky behavior inside the Bat Cave at the end of the NEmation production studios. Likewise terima kasih and many xie xie to Lander for seeing us through the tears of Top 20+2 of Season 9 by encouraging us not to give up, to continue staying together as a team.  We also want to thank Miss Elaine and Miss Lois for hovering around us to help us and to give us advice.



From the Downtown Picnic and the eve of Chinese New Year, we cannot survive without the help of our student supporters, teachers and Beatty Beaver Scouts as well as the leaders of our school such as VP Mrs Adel Tay for coming down to cheer us on during the Downtown Picnic. Right from the beginning, we want to say thank you so much once again Ryan Goh and Lee Yan Da of Beaver Scouts for constructing the structure to display all the blue and yellow balloons as well as many other student supporters for helping to get the public to vote. You guys and girls had helped to get into the Top 5 for the five 5 hours. It was amazingly memorable because you have enabled us to set the pace to be among the Top 5 of the Leaderboard. Ah yes, we also want to thank our Principal Mrs Marion Tan for giving us permission to tell the whole school to vote us by the SMS during the school’s Chinese New Year Celebrations on a Friday. You have helped us a lot just by that one act and so thanks a lot to all Beatty students and teachers especially Humanities teachers under the guidance of Ms Sarah Paul, Mr Terance Lim, Ms Goh Hong Yi and also other teachers for helping to vote for us and also for going all out during Chinese New Year to get votes from your family members, friends, relatives and strangers. Indeed it is because of you guys that is why we jumped back into the fold of being Top 5. Similarly we also want to thank VP Mr Sze Guan Kiat for being there with us during the Awards Ceremony.



Last but not least, we want to say thank you to everyone else from the rest of the Top 10 Teams of Season 10. You guys and girls had been awesome and thank you so much for being part of this journey with us NEtitanxII.  We are the one team sandwiched between the Ducks….firstly Duck Duck Glucose (DDG) from Cedar Girls next to us and the one team that our teacher like to hang out with hahaha … – yea, thanks for hanging out with us and for that we say muchas gracias. We are so happy that you girls managed to win something memorable too – the Social Media Prize and most importantly we are friends now never to be forgotten. The other Duck team was Duck Vaders from St Nicholas’ whom we remember for being so ensconced inside their closed up studio in order to create a catchy rap and for their custom-made jackets. It would have been nice to get to know you better

Anyway, DDG, we love you girls very much and we thank you for being part of our lives now. You should know also that you girls have quite a few Beatty teachers cheering for you all too…hahaha….yea, seriously. Oh yea, Cedar 3 – it was nice playing Cards Against Humanity with you girls. We also want to thank our NE Ambassador Kaviel for supporting us along the way in the way you always do. Thank you for visiting us during the production period and for promoting us and getting people to vote for us. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!!!


Before we wrap up this blog write up of appreciation and thanksgiving, we want to thank our family members for always being there for us, for supporting us throughout the past two years. Muchas gracias for being considerate, helpful and understanding towards NEtitanxII especially Hui Min’s Parents who so gladly consented to us crowding into her humble flat to use it as a brainstorming centre to refine our seed ideas, as an operations centre to get votes from all over. We could not have done it without you all!!


Finally thank you for reading and now we are really looking forward to going to the USA in the summer of 2016… Till then, stay tuned to Team NEtitanxII and keep in touch always!



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DV: Thank YOU And Goodbye.

Hello friends!

Today’s post is officially the LAST post of our NEMation journey!

Y’all probably know this already, but results were out last Saturday! We were one of the Top 10 finalists. It’s a bittersweet moment, I’d say. Winning would have been nice but the whole journey has been fun.

This post is dedicated to all of you and a huge THANK YOU for supporting us throughout this whole thing. We can’t believe it’s over, and while the experience has been fun, everything has to come to an end at some point.

So THANK YOU. For sticking by us through so many countless blog posts, and late nights, and everything that has happened up to this point.

They will be revoking our rights to post, so I guess this is goodbye. It has been an amazing journey, one we’re glad to have been able to share with you guys. We love y’all to the moon and back, and each of one you is amazing.

Sincerely, and signing off for the last time,

Duck Vaders NE10 2016


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Epilogue [SPATIUM]

hello !!😀

I know that I should save this for later but I really really want to thank all of you so much!! WE GOT SECOND RUNNER-UP !! thank you so much!! we really could not have done it without you guys!❤

Okay, I know, this news is so one week ago😛 but heyy my CA1 just ended so (please give chance hehe)

I honestly still cannot believe that our 6(or 7) month journey has come to an end. I mean, we are N.E.mation alumni now, how weird is that?

We have come so far like I can still remember panicking before receiving the top 40 results, crying tears of joy (for the first time ever) when we got into top 10, the stress during production period and having to be more ‘thick-skinned’ when asking for votes ! (okay I’m getting super sentimental and I want to cry)

For now, there are a lot of people whom we would like to thank (❁´▽`❁):
(in no particular order hehe)

Mr Nik and Ms Kaching:

Thank you for always helping and guiding us, especially during production!! we really couldn’t have done this without you guys (I mean we probably wouldn’t even have a video honestly)(❁´▽`❁) We are probably not the most cooperative group and constantly annoy you guys and complain too much sometimes but we are glad you didn’t give up on us (I would have, honestly)
Thank you Mr Nik for helping us even during the voting period by pushing us to try and get more votes (although it was super stressful okay I was so close to crying already and we sort of blue ticked your last message sorryyyy) and during production although you constantly ditch us for food but that’s okay (it wasn’t okay at that time) ≧(´▽`)≦
Thank you Ms Kaching for letting us (mainly deng) continuously disturb you and tolerating the weird things that we (mainly deng again) do. we are still very sad that you moved out of our tent like halfway through the first week😦 Thank you for helping us when we had problems with Toonboom and teaching us how to use it!! (❁´▽`❁)
Thank you for everything hehe :))

Mr Tham, Mr Chan and Mr K (and Mrs Tan and all our VPs and teachers who supported us):

Thank you for always encouraging us and supporting us throughout this 6/7 month journey!! Even from the one week selection, you guys came to support us and give us advice, even allowing us to practice our pitch with you (which was honestly a huge mess but oh well) Thank you for cheering us on even when we are feeling really helpless!! Not to forget that at least one of you will visit us during production and buy as food as well as listen to us complain as we crumble into despair due to drawing and redrawing hehe
We would also like to thank the school for providing us with this valuable opportunity and for allowing us to request for everyone to vote for us during assembly and even have a voting booth during the primary recess! (❁´▽`❁)

to everyone from all the top 10 teams:

Thank you for being part of this journey with us!! You guys are all very very very fun to be around and we will miss you guys!! GOOD JOB TO EVERYONE! You guys all did well and we are really proud of you all!!❤
(special mentions I love you all but I am very lazy to type sorry😦 )
Thank you BAMM and Vaders for being so supportive and encouraging!! We didn’t really know each other like before this but I’m glad we are friends now!! thanks for being such fun people to be around and making everything fun, be it trying to get votes from primary section or being super scared when going on stage to ask everyone to vote hehehehe (❁´▽`❁)
Thank you Cedar3 for letting us crash your tent and disturb you guys and steal your food😛 thanks for being the first to actually talk to us because we suck and don’t know how to make friends honestly❤
Also thank you to all the teams whom we have stolen stuffed toys from hahhahaha🙂
(i may add more to this another day hahahahah)

our friends and family:

Thank you so much for always cheering us on and believing in us !!❤ Thank you for coming to the events such as downtown picnic or awards presentation when you guys were able to!!
Thank you to all our family members who are really considerate and understanding to us!! Thank you for doing your absolute best to try and help us get votes!! (honestly, my dad probably got more votes for me than I did hahah) We could not have done any of this without you !!❤
Special dedication to Ely who helped us a lot along the way from visiting us during production and bringing us sushi, coming for the open house, downtown picnic and awards presentation even though you are really busy too!! Thank you for working hard to get votes for us even though you technically don’t get any credit❤ you are the best okay !! (❁´▽`❁) You are the best almost-member of the team❤❤

our ambassador Sarah:

thank you for always supporting us along the way and being accepting of our weirdness!!❤ the blog posts you write about us are always super entertaining to read honestly hahahahahha :):) thank you for visiting us throughout the production period !!😀 and for promoting us and getting people to vote for us heheheheh (❁´▽`❁)

to all of you who voted for us:

we are really really grateful that you gave us your vote❤ Every vote you gave means the world to us (it still does) and we are super grateful that you took the time to vote heheheh🙂 A lot of you we probably don’t actually know personally but whoever you are, you are a great person and we are really thankful for your existence!❤


This is probably the last blog post that we will ever post here😦 If you are still reading this, I am really grateful that you stuck with my boring boring writing for 30 over blog posts!! I really liked talking to you guys (whoever you are)❤ Thank you for all your support!! (❁´▽`❁)

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hi there, this blogpost, sadly, will probably be the last one we post D: (hey who knows we might post another one soon)

it has been a long eight month journey for all of us, and it’s coming to an end.

to be honest, we weren’t even expecting to get into top 100 lmao. we just sat through the story clinic with mr xavier (who we are really grateful to because he was the one that helped improve the idea that got us in!!) and randomly put in some ideas and keyed in our names. i even unintentionally dragged shyn into it, thinking that we wouldn’t get in. but we did, and im glad we did c:

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has supported and guided us along the way; I mean everyone :

(the following is in no particular order – its purely random)

Ms Yan Ting:

Thank you for everything you have done for our team, Ms Yan Ting. You really made our 3 week production fun. You were really patient, and still are, when we were annoying and we have kinda lazing around. When we were screwed things up, and wanted to give up, you always motivated us and reminded us never to give up. Of course we didn’t give up duh but you truly made our day when we spent like most of our time painting together. Sounds wrong but, yea. Hahahaha. Thank you for staying by our sides even when we were too high after smelling too much paint.❤

Ms Shi Ling:

Thank you so much for everything Ms Shi Ling! urgh, I’m probably gonna say the same thing but I’ll try to make it different *I think i’m gonna fail literature*. I really miss the times when we erm had paint wars but we did work really hard. *I swear we did* Thank you so much for being our hero (BAMM reference) and helped out with the Merlion. Without your help, our Merlion would probably look like a cat wearing goggles. You never gave up on our team, even when we were sick of painting and started doing lame stuff – rolling around, singing christmas songs, staring into space, reading chinese stories (kayla does it all the time), or even just playing with the time lapse🙂 Thank you!!!!<3



Ms Shiling, Ms Yanting and Cedar3 in our huge CCU


Thank you all instructors that dropped by our tent and either help us one way or another. Mr Xavier for goofing around in our tent and hanging the monkey up (….) *realizes that it is the year of the monkey* *woww, foreshadowing. Much wow*. Ms Elaine for supposedly helping us with the gesso and how that watching us paint were very “therapeutic”. Ms Bev for touching up the HDB flat and Mr Ellery with advice on the painting. And, Mr Nik for hiding in our tent. Plus, all the other instructors that has supported us throughout the whole NEmation period.


First of all congrats and good jobs to all teams!! We’ve made it this far together and let’s give 3 cheers for ourselves :)) You made our NEmation journey so fun and enjoyable!! Thank you Spatium for allowing us to crash your tent. Madeit and Duck Duck Glucose for your guidance as awesome seniors. Netitanxii to playing Cards Against Humanity together. Rockin Tomato and all the other groups for hanging out with us!! I hope that the wonderful friendship that we have made would last forever (i’m sure it will)!



School staff and friends:

Thank you so much for your continued support throughout this period. Despite your busy schedules, you managed to take the time of to visit us during the production period/downtown picnic/awards ceremony. Special thanks to our principals and vice principals – Ms Cheng, Ms Tan and Ms Sim for taking the time to attend our Awards ceremony. Thank you Ms Begam and Mr Lee (CCA teachers) for your constant support and guidance throughout the 6 month long competition. Thank you Chu, Charlene, and Xuan for coming down to both the downtown picnic and award ceremony. We really appreciate your support (i bet you came for food too, hehehe)

Cedar teams with Ms Begam, Ms Tan and Ms Sim

People who voted for us:

Thank you so much for all of your votes. Each and every one of your votes mean everything to us, so thank you so much!!! Even though I don’t know you personally, perhaps some, I’ll treasure your kind efforts made when voting for us!!  
I’m just gonna end of with the first picture that we posted, since it may bring back subtle memories.


We looked so bad

Much love,


*wow, even the heart has a 3*


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what day is it? (^and what blurry picture is that omg)

THATS RIGHT- ITS THE LAST DAY OF VOTING!! (and valentines day?)

its been an incredible 3 weeks honestly, starting off with a huge bAMM (yall geddit- a big bang a big bamm) from downtown picnic and ending with our finger muscles stronger than our arm muscles (tyPE tYpe TYPe even more!!!!)

sERIOUSLY. who knew that getting people to vote would be that hard ufgh.

we spent a continuous 3 weeks scavenging through the school canteen for votes and votes and more votes. AND WE THOUGHT GETTING PEOPLE TO COME FOR DOWNTOWN WAS HARD. WELL WE WERE WRONG. but back on track- our secondary and primary 姐妹们 have been so lovely and supportive to vote for us!! so we thank them with our sweets and home made cookies anD A FLYER TO PROMOTE US ;))))

CNY!1!1! why get hongbao when you can get votes? thankfully, our relatives were very supportive and gave us their votes! (altho we havent seen them so long oh wow) idk about my other grp members but cny was so frustrating for me,

HERE”S THE STORY: my extended family are from cedar and all voted alrdy for cedar.



the scariest part of voting for us was sn’s sec3 camp. 3 DAYS AND 2 NIGHTS I CANT EVEN OKAY. 3. DAYS. 2. NIGHTS. we literally cried everyday liek wHAT IF WE DROP OUT OF TOP5 AND HIT ROCK BOTTOM AND WE NEVER RISE AGAIN AND AND- *dies* thankfully, we managed to stay in top5 tHAnk goodness ive never been more scared in my life.

anyways, voting ends today!!! and results are out next saturday!!!!!!!!!!!! as relieved as we are about not having to sit in front of the computer screen for hours typing and typing and reloading top5, we’re also kinda sad. this means our nemation journey is coming to an end soon :'((

we still have one week left, and we hope to end it next saturday with a bamm!!! we’ll update our blog at least once more, for now we need to struggle with another major problem.

FINDING INVESTITURE UNIFORM FOR AWARD DAY *screams and runs in circles and runs head first into the pillar*

and happy valentines day, give us your love by voting for us in the last few hours!!

see yall soon !!!

bels x.

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Hello everyone!

It’s the FINAL day for voting !!!! Actually, there’s only like 12 more hours till voting ends at 2359 tonight (14 February)..

Time really passes by real quick, I (Gl) still remember our group deciding how to design our Cedar3 flyer for the Downtown Picnic!!

When we're really doing work

When we’re really doing work

Ahhhhh, does wonderful times……*gets all emotional and distracted*

*changes topic*

Oh, and today’s Valentines Day!! Happy Valentines Day everyone!! Do shower us with your love and vote for us before voting ends <3<3<3

Visit the home page of Nemation (you should already be on the page if you’re reading thing -_-) to vote for our video! Or watch it below:

As the top 5 ranking has been removed from the website, we are really anxious and excited about the results!!

It’s the final lap of voting and Cedar3 would like to take the opportunity to thank all that has supported and voted for us throughout this voting period. Thank you all so much! But do remember to spread the word about our Nemation clip and help to garner more votes before tonight 2359.

Well, if you have not voted, here are the four platforms once again!




❤ cedar3

don’t forget to follow us on our social media too!

instagram: @_cedar3

twitter: @_cedar3

and don’t forget to like us on the ne 10 top 10 teams app here

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Chapter 26: wait, how many days left?! [SPATIUM]

hi guyss🙂

It has been a while and we have all been quite busy with trying to get votes and school work. (our exams are coming soon, yikess)

There is only a few days left for voting :0 YES, ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT ! Can you believe it? It really seems like just yesterday when voting just started, and now, it is coming to an end.

Have you voted yet? On all 4 platforms?? We would really really appreciate your help!! Do share the news about voting with all your family and friends if you have not done so already!🙂 After all, it is still the chinese new year period!! Now that I mention Chinese New Year, I just realised that I forgot to wish you guys happy new year oops (sighs typical chunran)

祝大家 新年快乐 万事如意 心想事成 身体健康 !

Have you noticed the top 5 bar that we mentioned in our previous blog post? Well, so it is going to disappear in like less than an hour’s time (it might have already disappeared by the time you see this blog post hmm) Does it mean that voting is over? Of course NOT, you totally should continue voting for us!! You have until 14 February to vote! It might be only 4 days but it is still worth a try to ask your family and friends to vote! After all, one vote is better than nothing, right?

These are the 4 platforms that you can vote on!! DO VOTE ON ALL 4!!

These are the 4 platforms that you can vote on!! DO VOTE ON ALL 4!!

I guess that’s it for now!🙂 Please vote for us!! We are C09!!!

Don’t forget to check us out on other social media platforms!!

Instagram: @spa.tium
Twitter: @___spatium___
and go like us on Facebook!! 😀

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DV: #GratitudeMoments


I know what y’all are thinking: 2 blog posts in one day?!

Yes, yes 2 blog posts in one day. Chris is feeling particularly…chatty…today, so ANOTHER BLOG POST IT IS!

You know, every time I write a blog post, I always imagine myself in a little room, the click-click-click of the typewriter, the musty smell of books, me sitting at a mahogany desk, spinning my tales of wonder and mystery. I will pause, take a sip of the my cup of tea nearby, take off my reading glasses, and let creativity run its course.

In reality, I’m just lazying in bed, writing on a phone and trying not to sweat to death in this heat. Struggles of a Singaporean girl trying to write a blog post. #struggleisreal #prayforchris2k16

Well, anyhoo.

This post is gonna be a short one!

^I always say that and it then proceeds to end up being a thousand-word essay.

I realized, while writing post after post after post, that I never really did a gratitude note to all the people who’ve helped us come this far! So, today’s post is dedicated to everyone who’d I’d like to thank and express my utmost gratitude.

(Stick with me, it’s gonna be a long one.)

Thank you Mr Nik and Ms Kaching for your constant guidance and support! You guys brought our idea to life, and for that we owe you everything we’ve accomplished up to this point! Thank you for being there with us throughout the whole of production, for clearing our doubts, and for not throwing us off the building when our questions got too annoying😛

Thank you Mr K, Mr Chan and Mr Tham for always being there for us (and for all the food :P)! Y’all were really good at dishing out advice and keeping us on the sane side.

Thank you to all the NEMation instructors and the people involved in giving us such an amazing experience! SAFRA Radio, Mr James, Mr Ellery, Mr Joshua, the list is never ending. The opportunities you have given us are once-in-a-lifetime, so a huge thank you for that!

Thank you to all our friends and family for supporting us! For being there for us during production phase, for voting, for getting your friends to vote, for getting your friends’ friends to vote, for-okay you get the point. Thanks for being our biggest fans and our cheerleaders! (Not sure if they wanted to be named so we’ll leave them anonymous. For now.)

And of course, thank you! Whoever you are, thank you for your support!

Which reminds me. Go and vote. Now.



Well, that concludes this blog post. A little mushy, less funny, but all the more necessary.

Instagram: @duckvaders
Twitter: @duckvaders_
Facebook: Duck Vaders
Snapchat: @duckvaders
See y’all soon!

-Duck Vaders

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So the voting period is coming to a close in a few days and this will probably be our very very last blog post so we’re going to take this opportunity to look back at our journey as a whole to see how far we’ve come since the September one week selection and while we’re at it, we’re going to thank the people who made our journey here so fun and enjoyable. Unfortunately there will be no pictures because honestly, I am very lazy and i do not have any pictures in my laptop at the moment so plain words will have to do. Hope you stay with me till the end!

Of course, our journey, like any other team, started when we made our very first seed idea in the comfort of our computer lab floor under the table. People found it weird but really, when have we ever been normal. This tiny seed idea would not have grown into what it became to get us into the top 100 if not for the guidance of Mr Xavier who happened to be our instructor for the workshop that day. The fact that he had faith in our story gave us hope and encouragement to continue to build on our idea no matter how silly we may have thought it was. Therefore, since it’s convenient, we’d like to thank Mr Xavier for being there with us from the start, literally, and helping us carve our path to the top 100 and eventually the top 40 and top 20 and so on.

In between the top 40 and top 10, we have to thank Mr James, Mr Ellery and Mr Joshua for their constant encouragement and support as well as their helpful advice that have helped us develop our story even further. Not only that, they were a constant pillar of support during the three weeks production because they were always there checking on us and making sure we were okay so thank you to them!

How could we forget our beloved Ms Elaine who spent the three weeks of production putting up with our nonsense while teaching us along the way. We know we put her through quite a lot (especially Lynette who she had to force to say “Bye Ms Elaine” ) but we are so grateful for her always. She always had confidence that we could do it and helped us through tough times. In a way, we saw her as a teacher, a friend and an older sister to mess with. Thank you Ms Elaine!!!

To our teachers, Ms Begam and Mr Lee, thank you for being there for us. You weren’t always physically there but we knew you were there in spirit cheering us on. Thank you for the cakes and cupcakes and all the other types of food you have provided us during the competition, we know you have spent quite a lot on us 12 girls.

Also, to Kaviel! Our beloved ambassador who we like to bully. Know that we do appreciate everything that you do for us even if you do dye your hair horrible colours (no more blue please). You’ve been a great friend to us, always being there for us and laughing with us and calling us cute (thanks). Thank you Kaviel, for always thinking of us!

Last and least, I’d like to thank my teammates for always being there for me from the start, although Lynette may not have been in our team since the start, she’s always been supportive. Through all the horrible rapping, rhymes and puns to just annoying each other to no end, I couldn’t see myself being in any other team with anyone else other than you three. I do feel, however that you guys should be thanking me instead for putting up with everything that you do (goose sound included) but nonetheless thank you for everything!

NEmation has been an amazing experience for all of us. We’ve made great new friends who we hope we can get closer to and we have bonded even more with our beloved juniors. It may be over soon but the memories we made with each other and with the other teams and instructors will stay in our minds and hearts for a long time to come. NEmation has taught us patience (whenever our computers crash), team work (helping each other in times of struggle aka when the walcom tablets aren’t cooperating), resilience (because it is COLD), perseverance (because there were many times when we got frustrated and just wanted to give up), friendship (all the sharing among the teams is something i will never forget, especially the doses of yellow from our fellow ducks: Duck Vaders).

It has been a rollercoaster ride with its ups and downs but overall, we couldn’t have imagined a better experience.

Thank you NEmation

Remember to check us out on our social media platforms:

Facebook: Duck Duck Glucose (Like for Duck Duck Glucose)

Instagram: @duckduckglucose

Twitter: @duckduckglucose

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DV: It ain’t the end of the world…yet.


So, how are you this fine day? We’re doing great, thanks.

It’s 4 days to the end of voting, and things have been pretty hectic on our side! We have been collecting votes every which way we can! Over recess, over lunch, between classes, after school, while eating, whatever you think of, we’ve done it!

It’s honestly hard work, I tell ya.

Anyone who thinks this is easy, think again.

NEWS FLASH: The Top 5 Counter will be taken down tonight! In T minus 2 hours to be exact. Starting from tomorrow, we’ll have no idea who’s in the Top 5! You can imagine how stressed out some of us are about this.

OHOHOH. And the Social Media Award will be closed tonight too! All our hard work to gain followers will be set in stone starting 12am tonight.

Breathe, Chris, breathe.

Everything’s just happening so fast! *wipes tear away from eye* Can you believe that this is our 31st blog post? Ahh. The good times. I remember staying up late to upload a blog post every night after production, even though I felt like killing myself sounded like an easier option.

No, I’m not suicidal. Just to clear that up. A little (very) exhausted, is all.

But, it’s all worth it if we win! (Or get second. Or third. BUT FIRST IS ALWAYS THE BEST. KEEP YOU EYE ON THE PRIZD. EYE. ON. THE. PRIZE) So, of course, I know what you are thinking: is there any way I can contribute to help you guys for this worthy cause?

Of course there is! Vote.

On all 4 platforms. Facebook, Mobile Website, Desktop Website, and SMS.



(casually putting this picture into every post)

I know it sounds tedious, but think of the iPad you stand a chance to win. I mean, even we don’t get that iPad if we win.

Well, keeping this post short, I’ll end off here. Remember to vote for us and we’ll smell y’all in the next one!

Instagram: @duckvaders
Twitter: @duckvaders_
Facebook: Duck Vaders
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-Duck Vaders

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