Content Development Workshop – What, Why and How?

Every year, organiser of N.E.mation! conducts free content development workshops for students and schools who are interested to take part in N.E.mation!. These workshops are very useful and have been proven to help teams with creating their story idea for submission to the competition. For past few years, most of the teams that got through to the Top 10 attended a content development workshop!

Let us break it down for you so you know what to expect at the workshop.

There are two kind of content development workshops; both provide the same content and guide, you can choose either of the options:

  1. Public Content Development Workshop

    This is open to all students who want to take part in the competition and registration is found in the competition registration page. When you sign up for N.E.mation!, you will be asked to select which session you want attend. This year, the two sessions will be held at Geylang East Community Library on two Saturdays, 23 July and 6 Aug.

  2. Private Content Development Workshop

    This is for those who have at least 10 teams (or 40 students) in the school who are interested to take part and attend the workshop. The instructors will come to your school to conduct the workshop. Availability is limited, if you would like for us to come down to your school, please ask your teacher-in-charge to submit the reply form soon.

At the workshop, you will learn more about this year’s N.E.mation! theme and find out what the whole journey is like. Instructors from Animagine will bring you through the thinking process and story building steps so that you will be able to write your story in a way that will appeal to the judges.

After a mass lecture like workshop, teams will then take turns to have a one-on-one session with the instructors to share your story ideas and seek their expert advice on how to make your story better. This is also the chance for you to get tips from them to help you make your story stand out from the hundreds that are submitted. These instructors have got years of experience with N.E.mation! and are the right person to go to for help. So don’t waste your chance during this one-to-one session with them.

For private workshops held at schools, instructors will also go round the teams to help them with their story idea and registration.

Slots for these content development workshops are limited so don’t wait till the last minute to register! Sign-up for N.E.mation! and book your slot first! Better to be kiasu then regret later. (Tips: You need only 1 member (the team leader) to get your registration going. Chop first gather your team mates after!)

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