Tips for your story submission

On 23 July, N.E.mation! held its first of the two free content development workshop at Geylang East Library. Place was filled with enthusiastic students eager to get tips from the instructors to help them improve their story ideas for submission.

Previously we shared what goes on at our content development workshop. Today, let us share with you some pointers for your story submission.

  • To start competing in N.E.mation!, you create a story idea based on the theme, NS: From Father to Son. You don’t need to create an animation nor think about how to execute your story idea at this stage. If the judges find your story idea is a good one, your team gets selected as one of the Top 100 teams for your chance to pitch your story idea to the them on 5 September.
  • In all animated or life action films, story is the most important element – more important than well-animated characters or any special effects! So focus on sharing your creative story idea during registration.
  • Keep your story submission clear and to the point. You do NOT need full-bodied, perfect grammar essays. Write in point-form if it helps structure your idea better.
  • There is a difference between writing facts and writing a story. The judges want to read stories, not facts copied and pasted from your textbooks or other websites. Don’t tell us what is National Service, instead tell us your story or experiences with NS.
  • There is a reason why there is a “Tagline” field for each of your 3 story submissions. A good, witty tagline may increase your chances of being selected! Don’t have too long a tagline too, it should be short, to the point and smart.

If you need help with your story idea, quickly sign up for the last public workshop which will be held on 6 August 2011. Registration for workshop is in the same registration form for your team. Places are running out fast. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! This workshop may just help your team gets through to the Top 100!

View more photos from our content development workshop… spot yourself in any of them? Or anyone you know?

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