What’s your story for NS: From Father to Son?

The time will come for every male Singaporean to take the path of serving Singapore in National Service. So, what does National Service mean to them, or to you; those who have observed your father, uncle or elder brother going through it?

NS is like a giant picture and more then a phase that every Singaporean has to go through (yes, even females in a way). NS is a responsibility and shouldering that means you are now in-charge of protecting not only your household but also Singapore. That sounds pretty impressive and it truly is! Taking this time to commemorate NS and all the soldiers that have been prepped to protect Singapore what sort of stories can you share about this national activity?

With my concept of NS being bigger picture and the rest of us like puzzle pieces, a story I would try and piece together (no pun intended!) would be:

  • A father and his son of about 8 years old are working on a jigsaw puzzle together.
  • While working on the puzzle the son asks the dad why he has to go away on National Service, aren’t there enough soldiers fighting?
  • The dad, picks up one of the remaining jigsaw pieces and held it in his hand, explaining, “Every soldier out there is like a puzzle piece that works together to complete a bigger picture, ensuring Singapore’s safety. With just one missing piece there will be a hole in the puzzle, a hole in Singapore’s defense and that small thing could lead to the rest of the pieces falling apart.”
  • Smiling, the son took the last jigsaw piece from his dad and placed it in the jigsaw, completing the puzzle while saying “I get it now! When I grow up I want to be that important puzzle piece to hold Singapore together!

So what does NS mean to you or what special stories do you have to share regarding NS?

Gather a team of 3 and send in your creative and personal stories today!

Registration for N.E.mation! 6 closes on the 14th of August!

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