Top 100 Briefing and Workshop

Last Saturday we gathered our Top 100 teams and sat them down for an introduction to the N.E.mation! 6 competition.

We split our 100 teams into 2 sessions and what you see here is the morning session.

To kick start the day, the students were briefed about their position in the Top 100 and what is to come in this N.E.mation Journey. Director of Nexus, COL Kelvin Koh shared an opening statement with the students.

After this I’m sure the Top 100 teams know more or less what the future holds and what is to come!

Mr Srinivas Bhakta took the stage to introduce various styles and techniques of animation.

He went on to entertain our Top 100 students by showing different animations that portray different messages. One Japanese animation in particular had the theatre roaring in laughter at the end of it!

After the quick introduction to the animation world, it was Ms Chi Pin Lay’s turn to teach the students about a set of skills that they will have to use very soon – presenting.

Ms Chi Pin Lay started her presentation with a quick exercise by getting the students to figure a way to get a piece of paper into the brown boxes by the side of the theatre.

Students hurriedly tore scrap papers from their notebooks and instinctively crushed it into balls of paper. On the count of three, paper balls were hurled from one side of the theatre to the next, it was almost as if it were raining paper balls!

But don’t forget to pick up the paper balls after the exercise is over.

We adjourned for a short break where the students were treated to some very interesting snacks that were in theme with N.E.mation! 6 — Combat rations! Students were handed fruit bars, biscuits and dessert packs that NS men would be no strangers to.

The students all seem to be enjoying the food, so it must be pretty good stuff right?

After the break was over, our Top 100 got to take part in more activities to build up their presentation skills and learn more about presenting and articulating infront of a crowd.

After learning about presenting and public speaking, the students were given a more indepth look into NS by four members of the online documentary series Every Singaporean Son.

Students got to find out first hand about their queries with regards to NS. They also learnt about the pain and sufferings through outfield mission, as well as how little actions of love and support can reflect greatly to someone going through NS.

Aside from the students, we also had our N.E.mation Ambassadors down onsite to record the start of the N.E.mation! 6 Competition. Do check our Facebook page for their coverage on this and also to vote for your NE Ambassador!

As I am typing this the Top 100 teams are currently presenting their pitches to the panel of judges and it’s crunch time this evening as we move from the Top 100 to Top 40. Nevertheless, we have a gallery page up on Facebook where you will be able to see the Top 100 teams that have qualified for N.E.mation! 6 regardless if they make it through or not.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Top 40 and events from today’s pitch!

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