Animation Workshop for Top 20 Teams

Hello again!

Last week had been a really hectic and busy week for all the teams as they went through pitching, workshops and the dreadful eliminations to finally get to the Top 10 teams. Before I announce the Top 10 and introduce them a little on here, lets take a step back and recap on the Animation Workshop that the Top 20 had attended.

The Top 20 teams spent a day learning about the basics of animation and trying their hands at 2 (out of the many) techniques available.

Once the teams had an idea of what to look out for they were split into two groups, one group trying out Stop Motion first while the other group trying Digital 2D.

On the Digital 2D side, the students were all attentively listening to the instructor’s explanation as they figure out how to work with the new software.

The classroom was quiet as the students focussed on drawing their various cartoon characters.

The other half of the Top 20 batch was quite a different story! The students were first briefed on what is required of this Stop Motion exercise and various things to pay attention to.

After the briefing the students gathered in their groups and started forming up their story with the theme of ‘Acid Rain’. Within a short period of 1 hour, the students managed to draw, cut and stick their story together!

The instructors were also present to help the students out if they had doubts.

After all that art & craft stuff, what’s next? Well, painstakingly capturing the animation frame by frame of course!

As it turns out Stop Motion is no easy feat! To animate a mere 10 second clip you can spend up to half an hour to meticulously move each item and capture each frame. If you are not careful you might even spend longer then that trying to fix the frames that went wrong.

Despite that, the students were all cheerfully doing their animation and there were some pretty good animation concepts. As mentioned on our twitter, there was a UFO sighting during the workshop!

Some of our N.E.mation Ambassadors made the time to come down and witness the workshop but of course we couldn’t just let them stand and watch!

The Ambassadors had a hand at creating their own short animation as well! It is themed according to the same idea as the students, Acid Rain, but a little more abstract.

Check out their video below!

It is all fun and games, until someone gets eliminated. The results of the Top 10 teams coming right up!

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