Bloggers get hands on at our Stop Motion workshop!

While Tuesday was the eve of Deepavali, here at N.E.mation! it was the day for our Blogger Stop Motion Workshop!

Held at a computer lab in Nanyang Polytechnic, we invited a group of Bloggers over to learn and experience Stop Motion the way the Top 20 teams did. It was a case of planning the story, drawing and cutting out the characters while learning a new software (AniMaker) all in one session!

It sounds like a lot to grasp in one session but the bloggers caught on very quickly! In no time they were deciding and sorting out the equipments they want and would need.

In groups of 2 – 3, the bloggers were given a rough storyline to follow however some got creative and added personal touches to their animations.

Everyone got the hang of AniMaker very quickly and in no time started putting their animation together – bit by bit, frame by frame.

We would like to thank all the Bloggers for coming down to Nanyang Polytechnic and trying their hands at Stop Motion! Also, not forgetting the N.E.mation! team for spreading the love and knowledge of animation!

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