Week 1: The Set Up

The group photos.

Hello everyone! It’s me, Seriously Sarah! I got in the top 3 for the NE6 Ambassador’s competition and now I’ve got the chance to blog about the top 10 teams who made it through.

It’s week one for the main bulk of the animation production for well, N.E.mation! The groups that managed to get in past all the other rounds are: Asian Keeds, Dreamation, EATYOUUP, FERD, Hungry Monsters, iSmacked, Jelvetica, REVEILLE!, S.S.S.A and Viva.


21st November was their first day and everything was set up in the auditorium of Nanyang Polytechnic. As you can clearly see, they are well stocked in supplies for the rest of the three weeks. Biscuits, candies, water, drinks and of course Milo.

Milo is always important for creative work, that’s what I think.


Headquarters of the instructors. They’ve their own setup to make sure the backups are running for when each of the team do their own productions when they save their files.

Also, they get to oversee everyone there in front of everyone else’s mini tents. Kind of like a pasar malam but with less selling and more animation work.

House rules

Before I got into any of those mini tents to check the teams out, here are the house rules. I really wonder if anyone was tempted to play with the chairs in the previous years and hence the rule.

Different techniques

Day 1 and all these teams have started their work. Everyone’s got their own technique for their animations and different set ups for their own productions.

From Wacom tablets to custom lightboxes fit with projects to a more common camera and “stage” set up for their animations, I can assure you that it’s the best quality of equipment they can get especially when they are worth thousands of dollars!

I have never seen so much expensive equipment like that in one room before. Well, except out of an IT fair, of course.

Mini studio

Oooh, they have a mini photo studio in the corner too! That’s used for when they need references in their animation or for shooting footage to rotoscope (tracing) over.

I’ll probably like to take a picture of myself there since the lighting’s great when it’s not so busy, heh heh heh.


Anyway, this is week 1. They’ve got to make their props, characters, sets and all the items needed for the animation. Their storyboards are all pasted on the inside of their tents so that they would remember how the shots would look like.

The only time they could work on all these is from Monday to Friday. Which only leaves them halfway through week 2 to start the actual production since they’ll need it to be done in week 3.

At the moment, most of them are behind schedule when I visited them in the first two days. We’ll see how it goes…

They have to finish it or else.

MEANWHILE, you might not be able to visit them but here’s a little spotlight on S.S.S.A, Jelvetica, Hungry Monsters, VIVA and iSmacked. Come back next week when I spotlight the other 5 teams!

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