Dreamation “Self Intro”

Hello! We are Dreamation from School of Science and Technology, Singapore (Long school name!)

So it consists of KokYin (The long hair girl), Celine (The short hair girl), JingHeng (The ‘tall’ guy) & RenChang (The taller guy who does mugshots) who are all 14 years old (even though some of us don’t look like it).

Our instructors are Miss Hazel (who is cute and shh us a lot) and Miss Wei tyng (Who is also cute and help us alot).  Both of them are AWESOME. 

KokYin is the leader of Dreamation. The talk-a-tive one and the one who posts stuff on the blog (Like now.)  She tends to pretend to hit people a lot and also sometimes screams really loud. (<- Celine’s comment about me ==). She is a shawol and part of SHINee World(Meaning FAN OF SHINee) and loves anime and manga (Mainly because of the bishies)

Celine is the ‘artist’. She is the one that wants and loves to draw a lot.  She is also very hyper and sarcastic at times, like when she is pretending to be optimistic. Not to mention, quick tempered and impatient so she finishes the work faster (But never polish). She is also a HUGE fan of Pokemon and MapleStory. (Oh, and she is a owlcitizen.)

JingHeng is the ‘detailed’ guy.  He is supposedly a perfectionist and he likes to irritate people a lot by looking for attention.He is the ONLY left-handed in our group. He also eats very ‘de’ slowly but he runs very well (Long distance only) He likes Katy Perry and the comic Foxtrot.

RenChang is the guy who does mugshots and thinks he is worst at art in the group. (Not confident!) He is very calm and quiet and tends to say ‘I know right’ a lot. He is also usually teased by the rest of the group. He likes to play guitar and he absolutely LOVES food (which kinda explains his figure).

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