Viva: Get to know us more!

So yes, we (meaning Wei Hang, Janice, Sheryl and myself) have been putting off the blogging until now. But let’s just say that we write every of our posts as best as we can and they would be worth reading or so we hope 😀

So, let’s start with a group introduction!

Our group, team Viva, was formed in our school’s art room! The 4 of us, Felicia, Sheryl, Janice, and me (Wei Hang) are all classmates in our school’s Art Elective Programme! One day, our teacher mentioned that N.E.mation 6! was coming up, so we thought, “Hey, why not give it a shot!” We formed our little team and wrote up our story synopsis and title. Our group envisioned an animation that could relate to our audience so we came up with a simple concept, a journey of a child as he grew up and learnt about himself.

Our group Name, Viva actually comes from the French word vivre, which means to live. When we first came into NJC, the theme of our orientation was e(nj)oy- Viva la vida (live your life to the fullest). It was a time where all of us really truly enjoyed ourselves and we felt like it was a really suitable name for our group.

And now, the long awaited, self introductory post :>

Wei Hang

Hello anyone and everyone who reads our blog! Thanks for actually taking the time off to visit! As for my part of the Self-Introduction, I am just going to introduce myself! Being the only guy in Team Viva, things are actually pretty awkward sometimes but we all get through it just fine. As all guys do, I love playing video games and especially, EATING! Sleeping is nice too but I don’t have time to do it, especially in the next 2 weeks of production! I am actually also in my school’s Student Council. My greatest drive and inspiration are my friends, not just team Viva, but also my friends in school, friends in council, and of course, my family.

Thanks! That’s all from me for now! 😀


 Hello to all 🙂  I’m someone who gets “warmed up” pretty slowly, meaning that I’m kind of quiet initially but can get relatively crazy once you know me. The most important people are my family and friends, for they’re the one who will stand by me and give me all the support I need. (Cliche, I know) Food is my love, and I have an especially sweet sweet tooth, thus being unable to resist junk food such as chocolates, cookies and ice cream most of the time. This is also why I enjoy cooking and baking. I’m often being called an “auntie” because of how I act, like comparing prices from different shops before buying something, wanting to get the best deals. But hey! I’m proud of it! It’s called being thrifty okay! I believe strongly that life is all about being happy, so no matter how tough situations may be, we should always smile and face it bravely.


YO HAHAAHAH. I am JAN! You can call me that by the way 🙂 I knew FLEA would choose this picture of mine xD Oh, I call Felicia FLEA. Because she’s such an insect -.- I am a noisy person! Yes I admit >< hahahahahaha. I guess that’s all you need to know about MEEEE 😀 YAY! You will love us! YAY! 😀 BYE 😀 


To start off, I am a pretty quiet person around people I am not close to and like any other people, I am sort of a crazy nut when you get to know me. I am really straight forward in terms of the way I speak and I tend to voice out my honest opinions, at least to the people that I am close to. I may tend to sound harsh at times but I really don’t mean to make anyone feel bad or anything! I like a wide variety of things ranging from video games to clothes. I am an internet junkie, I spend a lot more time on the internet and on the computer than I need to and I take my gadgets pretty seriously. I am also into photography and music is a big part in my life even though I can’t play any musical instruments. One weird fact about me is that I don’t really like ice cream, chocolate, cake or anything sweet.

That is all for our introduction and we hoped you enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

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