Production Week 1 N.E.mation 6 Ambassador Review

Who am I? I am one of the N.E.mation 6 Ambassadors that will go behind the scenes of the production week to share with you (the public) about the Top 10 Teams who have made it through from the Top 100, to the Top 40, to the Top 20 and reached to the Final 10.

If you’ve been to Nanyang Polytechnic recently and passed by their Auditorium, (I doubt you would unless you’re a student there), you would see this sign at the Pre-Function Room.


Basically, what’s behind the door is a room filled with the Top 10 Teams of N.E.mation6! Finalist that have been specifically selected during the September Holidays to work on their Animation Video, if you have been following the journey that is…

Just to refresh your memory, the Top 10 Teams will move on to the 3 weeks of production, where they will be required to do up a short animation video, they are allowed to use different methods to animate their animation video, such as claymation, rotoscope, 2D Animation etc. At the end of the 3 weeks, the teams will have their video ready and they will be aired on National TV on free-to-air channels such as Channel 5, Channel 8, Suria, Vasantham, Okto and their work doesn’t stop after the 3 weeks, a winning team has to be chosen from the Top 10 through public voting, they will have to rally their friends, family members and hopefully get support from the Public who have seen their video on TV or through the Internet. Sounds tedious? Yes, it is.

Alright, let’s see what’s behind the production into making a short animation video that takes 3 weeks.


The first team I walked in to happen to call themselves Team Dreamation from School of Science and Technology Singapore, I just stopped by and asked them a few questions and took a few pictures of them hard at work, that’s basically what I did for all the teams cause I didn’t want to spend too much time talking to them after hearing how much time limit they have.


1. How do you feel after getting into the Top 10 for N.E.mation6 ?
“We feel very excited!”

2. What are you guys working on now?
“2D Animation, currently outlining and drawing.”

3. Do you think you can win?
“At most 3rd Place.”

I find that this team is rather hardworking, each time I pass by they’ll just be working and focusing their time on what they’re doing, sometimes they hardly notice I am even there.



Next, we move on to Team Viva from National Junior College


As usual, I asked them the 3 questions.

1. “We feel excited, it’s unbelievable that we managed to get into the Top 10, just totally beyond our mind”

2. “We’re currently doing our paper cut outs and the props needed for our stopmotion animation video”

3. “We’ll definitely win 1st place, we’ll try our best to.”

I find that this team is very systematic, they cut out each prop and character scene by scene to make sure that nothing is left out.





Time to see how Team REVEILLE! from Kent Ridge Secondary School responded to the three questions asked.


1. “The experience so far has been very fun and exciting, although it can get a little stressful when you think about the amount of time left”

2. “We’re currently working on rotoscoping for our Animation Video”

3. “We do stand a chance in winning, we can’t say that we’re the best.”

When you step into their workspace, you can feel the seriousness in the area, they’re really focused on their work and seldom get distracted by anything.



Team iSmacked from Evergreen Secondary School


1. “It was unexpected, we did put in our very best effort to be in the Top 10 although it has been a tough journey.”

2. “We split ourselves into 2 teams, working on different things to speed up progress.”

3. “We believe that we do stand a chance in winning and hopefully we’ll get support from the public through their votes!”






These group of boys were the more active team among the rest, they we’re more of the rappers and I’m sure that their video will attract a lot of people that love rapping would love their video too!

Team Asian Keedz from CHIJ St.Joseph’s Convent


1. “The experience so far has been tedious but fun!”

2. “We’re currently working on our paper craft, for the background of our animation video”

3. “We do have a chance in winning, but we can assure that we’ll work very hard.”





The team was rather focused cause they had a lot of things to cut out, from background to the characters for their animation video, can’t wait to see the final product!

Team Hungry Monsters from Dunman High School


1. “We feel great, excited but yet nervous at the same time”

2. “We’re working on a story about 2 letters sent by both Father and Son to their Mother and how women can also play a role when the men in the family serve National Service, we’re currently still doing up our sketches and drawings.”

3. “We can’t say for sure but we do hope we can win!”




I like the fact that the team manages to encourage themselves and motivate themselves by putting stickie notes on around their workspace to tell them not to give up! I feel that’s the most important thing you need for now would be the support and encouragement!



Another thing that makes this team special, they also stick up notes to remind themselves what not to forget when drawing, such as the one below.


One last thing… Why is there a gun?! Haha.


Team FERD from Commonwealth Secondary School


1. “It’s rather tiring so far having to be able to make it here, not forgetting the fun and interesting moments we had, it can get frustrating at times but we’re still okay and we have made a lot of progression!”

2. “We’re working on our background for our animation video, we just re-did one of our buildings that will be used due to the texture issues”

3. “We will try our best, we don’t really have much expectation, but we’ll try”




You can tell that the Team is determined and would go to any extend to make their animation video as perfect as they can, determination is the word to describe them!

Team S.S.S.A from Kent Ridge Secondary School


1. “It’s been a really hectic journey so far.”

2. “We’re currently working on claymation and we’re forming our characters and props needed through clay”

3. “We do have a chance to win this, our team is a little more unique compared to the other teams because we’re doing claymation and we’re the only team doing claymation among the Top 10 Teams and we hope that our story will get support from the viewers as it’s about the support of women.”


That’s a lot of clay there!




What you see on Paper….


Can be created on Clay!


Team Jelvetica from St. Margarets Secondary School


1. “We feel happy and yet honoured, we do believe we will win!”

2. “We’re currently cutting our trees and character for our animation video.”

3. “We’re sure to win, we are confident but yet at the same time, to be modest, we are up against competition and winning would definitely be a consolation to us!”







I felt that this team was more optimistic, they were very confident and had high hopes and that’s what you need in a competition, confidence!

Volunteers were also allowed to help out the groups that required help such as cutting up props.


If you’ve noticed, I only did a review of 9 teams only, 1 of the teams wasn’t present on that day, hence, you only get to see 9 teams only!

Usually during the first week of production, it’s more of getting your foundation straight and stable, hence there was nothing really much for me to do or find out about, most probably during the second week, when some of the teams start to animate and move on with other stuff, then things might get a little interesting cause you never know what to expect. Last but not least I would like to applaud to the Top 10 teams for their hard work and dedication, usually during the holidays they could be doing their own stuff and hanging out with their friends but they spent every single minute making sure that their effort doesn’t go to waste and that their time is well spent in hope that their animation video would turn into a fruit of labour at the end of the 3 weeks and be appreciated by the many others who will watch it, especially to the Men serving National Service since the theme is all about National Service from Father to Son.

Unfortunately, if I continue posting pictures, this review would be super long! So, if you wanna see more pictures of the first week of Production, you can view it on my flickr page I created, click here!

This is my coverage so far for the first week! Check back again soon as I do the coverage for the second week as well. Thanks for spending time to read!

*Pictures were taken on 23 November 2011, Wednesday (Week 1, Day 3)

– Marcus Khoo

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