EATYOUUP (Just kidding.)

Hmm, okay


(I am Dawn typing here by the way.) So, let me give you an introduction on my group.

We are EATYOUUP from Dunman High School (Senior High). We are in JC1 this year and well, one of the older teams here. The other team would be HUNGRY MONSTERS (our sister group). Lemme introduce you to our team!

#1: Ho Xin Yi


She loves her sheep (Meh Meh Yang) and she screams to de-stress (ARGGHHHH). A carnivore that does not like to eat fish, she enjoys eating delicious food and absolutely loves stuff toys. She is the group’s painter and furniture artist. She also has a really clear voice. You can hear her from miles away. She is secretly a lyricist who writes songs for kids (You are a flower and a tree~)

#2: Lim Sim Lin


The other painter of the group, she is the one that is most familiar with the medium (Watercolour). She likes hugging things all the time, mostly our tent pets. Additional fact: Yu-shan always tries to annoy her, for some odd reason. And she is the sanest person out of the entire team.

#3: Hung Yu-shan


She’s blur. Really, really blur. Don’t let her looks fool you. She’s the oldest in our group though, being 19 this year. She is the artist of the group – drawing the male characters and backgrounds. She is particular about food and ensures that all team members finish everything on their plate. Oh, and have I mentioned she’s also the most childish out of all of us?

#4: Teo Dawn


FOOD IS VERY IMPORTANT. She sets lunch and dinner times. Acts like a kid but seems to be the mother to the rest of the group – safekeeping the meal money and making sure work is done. Enjoys singing and talking, a lot. She does the drawing for female characters and helps with the outlining of stuff and tidying of things.

We called ourselves EATYOUUP because… we were really hungry and came up with this name. I can’t really remember who thought of it but yea. It’s pretty cute don’t you think? (Om nom nom…)

Four of us are very different but we get things done pretty quickly and work well together. Well, yes we do get into small fights occasionally but we get over them. 🙂 Watch out for our work because they are very different from the rest! We are making use of watercolour to illustrate our characters and background, and only we are doing this. Excited? Keep a lookout for us as we may be introducing you to our work pretty pretty soon!

That’s basically all you have to know about us. For now.

Watch our Vlogs and remember to follow our posts. 😀 We’ll be introducing you to our tent soon (with Xin Yi being the camerawoman). See you guys later!

we’re too good for our own good,

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