Intro TO US!

Hello! This is Siang Ler typing this post right now. We weren’t able to sign in until I amazingly fixed the problem HAHAHA.

Now let’s introduce the group members. We are HUNGRY MONSTERS from DUNMANHIGH.

I am Siang Ler:

I like to watch Glee and the Vampire Diaries. I like POKEMON! I am left handed, and I am very short for my age, even though I am older than most people in my level HAHA. I like to drawwwwww. mostly animals but I like to think I can draw manga :DD I’m bored right now but I dunno what else to type ):

I like music, but the music I listen to is really random, mostly pop rock I guess. I like songs by avril lavigne, paramore, mayday parade, all time low and taylor swift. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I have finished my work,so waiting for lunch AHAHA 😀

I am Jia-er (with a dash) :

HIHIHIHIHI I LIKE RILAKKUMA AND ALL SQUISHY PLUSH TOYS!! My friend says they’re my squish victims o_o I love eating. I am currently very hungry now because I haven’t had breakfast and my groupmates don’t want to go with me to buy hash browns. So mean 😦

Oh yes I just turned SEVENTEEEEEEEEEEN on the 14th of November but I don’t look nor act like I’m 17 ^^ I laugh a lot teeheehee! I love reading and photography 😀

Okay byebyeeeeee I am going back to draw heads I have approximately 100 heads to draw in 3 hours 😦

I am Fabian:

yo! how do i introduce myself? ehh.. I like to immerse myself in mystery stories, like to climb walls and descend from them, like to take long bus rides, like to do chinese calligraphy, like to eat mamee noodle snack, like to listen to Wierd Al’s songs and sing them when noones in the hearing, like to … haha i have lots of wierd likes.

my motto is être et durer, meaning “to be and to last”. hope that’ll keep me going on in this production week! Be sure to check out our stuffs, kos I betya iz gonna be great 😀


 Our sister group ish EATYOUUP also from DUNMAN HIGH. haha and we just found out yesterday our art teacher and the art teacher from NJC which is also one of the groups are husband and wife. SO CREEPY AND COINCIDENTAL.

Okay byebye we are going to eat more hello panda. 😀



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