Introduction. PART ONE

Hm, we were told to introduce our self so we decide to do things the fun way. 🙂 

This is PART ONE of FOUR!

First of all, this is the leader of team REVEILLE! Jun Kang at your service. I shall just briefly explain to you what you can expect from me. I love kendo, it in the top of my favorite list. For those who are wondering “what is kendo, is it something you can eat, play or use?”Well to cut short it just Japanese swordsmanship. Next, I really like to cook that is something that many people do not know Western, Chinese, Japanese but I’m not really good with Korean dishes. I love anime,comic and nice movies .Unlike most of the boys, I’m actually kinda gay cause I like cute stuffs so I had a whole bunch of toys so I’m kinda childish. By the way my English is really bad so please bear with my mistake

That all for part 1 stay tunes for part 2 starring Lim Xiu Wen.


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