Introduction . PART THREE

this is part THREE of FOUR 🙂

hellohello! I am Yam Chiang Yee 😀 i’m sec 3 this year (same class as xiuwen and shi min [from S.S.S.A] ) My favourite things are to do are to listen to music, tumblr and to stalk my idols! I am not a KPOP or JROCK fan but a CPOP! ❤ hahaa. I can talk whole day long about them, sometimes even my friends felt irritated. I even have posters put up right in front of me to be my motivation :> LOL.My favourite out of the favourites is ALIEN HUANG HONG SHENG, XIAOGUI. ^^ hahaa.I think through this post you all should know what kind of person am I- a super RANDOM oneeeee. hahaa. I got a feeling I should stop if not you will close this window. hahaa. BYEEE 😀


Next we will be having AMMIRA to give her intro. STAY TUNE 😉

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