sup guys.

we are S[amantha].S[amantha].S[hi Min].A[manda] from Kent Ridge Secondary School. Yes, 2 Samanthas. both sams are Sec 2 while Shi Min and Amanda are sec3. Why we decided to join N.E.mation? we are in the same cca, media club and we were asked to submit our stories. Actually we didn’t expect to qualify for top 100 stories, let alone being one of the top 10 groups, but here we are anyway. that probably explains our totally unoriginal team name. whatever.

our story is about 3 women and how they support their family members in NS. The medium of animaton we are using is clay. it’s challenging for us because we have no prior experience with clay. none at all.

soooo, lets start with our individual intros:)


 harro. i’m samantha but everybody calls me sam. 10 things about me.

1. retarded

2. may seem quiet but can get pretty loud sometimes.

3. looooooooooove food. free flow of london choco roll, biscuits and milo. hell yeah.

4. suck at drawing

5. ‘aunty’ (according to shi min and amanda)

6. into photography

7. plays electric guitar

8. love to sleep

9. hates birthday cakes.

10. i am kiasu. super.


hEY everyone! I’m the second Samantha here and my surname’s Suliyanto. Everyone at home calls me ‘Mantha’ without the S and the A. I know that it’s pretty weird to all of you but yeah, I kinda got used to it already. Hehehe.. Anyway, just call me Sammie will do. Several things about me.

1. I come from Indonesia.

2. I’m a little weird at times. Can be really crazy at times

3. The only child. Anyway, I don’t feel that lonely at all. Have lots of cousins to keep in contact with.

4. I am a total foodie. Loves most types of food. Can’t resist it.

5. Obsessed with music.

6. Dislikes most candy and chocolate. I don’t normally eat dessert.

7. Worst subject is Art. I dread that the most. I can’t even draw to be honest.

8.  Enjoys travelling. I would love to travel around the world some day.

9. I love science. I might be considering to become an engineer or a doctor in future.

10. Photography is totally my thing and my uncle is a professional photographer. Used to model with other kids.



hihi🙂 shimin here but yea, you can call me jasmine ^^ some things about me uh? hmm, let’s see.

one, totally in love w greentea, regardless which brand ❤

two, into dramas 🙂 especially hongkong shows 😀

three, love ruien , hehehehe.

four, into horoscopes :B

five, love my friends, ❤ heh, especially TOURISTS. <– my lovelies, (‘:

six, into photography, that’s why this cca (:

that’s about it, 🙂 hah, :B


hello, i am amanda 🙂 so here’s a little things about me 😀

1. likes phineas and ferb, spongebob. basically, cartoons.

2. my  leader is  very very smart

3. i’m lazy. in fact, i asked my very awesome group leader to type this for me

4. my leader is awesomely awesome

5.she’s also very very auntie lol

6.i like to take lonngggg naps



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