Very belated introduction :)


Didnt have time to do a blog post as we are all rushing for time =_=  Paper characters are very hard to do….

So far we are one day behind our schedule LOL epic…. And we took 3 hours to try to animate moving clouds and failed heehee.

Oh well

We (and Jade and NI-CO-LA XIAN SHENG) will chiong all the way! I think…


Our team is called FERD, consists of Ze Xuan, Jue Yun and Esther.

ZEXUAN – Crazy leader. She loves love triangles and creating dramas and love chains about various people (ahemahemXahemAahemN). Be careful don’t get too close or she will pair you with some people, gay or not doesnt matter.

JUEYUN-Also crazy de, once she laugh you will also laugh with her. She sway one always choose the hardest job to do. EG: Mini Paper guns are hard to do, and she did wrong model so she had to REDO. HAHAHAH. But second one damn NICE!

Esther- I am the most zhen chang one heehee. (she’s praising herself but she’s also crazy like us. WE ARE A BUNCH OF CRAZY PEOPLE.) Nah just joking. Gets emo very easily LOL but oh well whatever. I LOVE TO strangle/tickle/squeeze her neck ZX 🙂



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