Week 2, Day 3.


Dawn here! Yes, it is me again but my other members will be talking to you guys pretty soon. Let me up-date you on what’s new with my team. 🙂

#1: Our production!


Our production is going smoothly so far (although we redid some of our work many many times). We are very happy with our work, though we are considering reworking some of them to make our work better. 🙂 We are doing most of our work on our computers now, instead of painting and drawing all day long. We are going to be animating our characters soon! Finally we will be able to see our work in action. Awesome!

#2: Tent Make-over!


We decorated our tent yesterday. It’s pretty festive and looks pretty good. It’s good to work in a happy environment, as one instructor mentioned and we couldn’t agree more! It looks nice now with stars all over our tent walls. We even have a Christmas sock and tree at the entrance of our tent! 🙂 For more, check out our vlog on our tent make-over!

#3: Yu-shan’s Rabbit!


(I realised we haven’t introduced you to our tent pets so here you go!) He’s the oldest pet here, being 3 years old. He’s also the biggest and fattest pet here. Sim Lin always hugs him. She says he is like a bolster. Anyway, we discovered that he’s actually Korean yesterday. Yu-shan never knew. (Hahaha.) He’s name is Number Four, like the name tag on his shirt.

#4: Xin Yi’s Sheep! 


Not sure of its gender, but it is around a year old. Meh meh yang is special because it can fly! Yup, it has wings like a flying squirrel when you unfasten the velcro holding its legs together. It’s fluffy and its head always tilts to the left. This pet visited three countries, namely Taiwan, Singapore and Poland. It’s a Globetrotter!

#5: Dawn’s Rabbit!


Yup. It is the youngest since it is only four months old. It’s fluffy and wears silver ribbons at her ear. She’s called Sunshine by the way. She always takes photographs with Meh Meh Yang and accompanies me wherever I go. Usually sits at the edge of the computer, watching me do my work. 🙂 She says hey!

Anyway, now let us introduce to you the people that visits us in our tents oh-so-often. Their names will probably appear a lot in future posts, so here’s some photographs and names for you to look out for!



Fabian, Jia-er and Siang ler. Our sister team. Remember to check them out alright! We are exploring very different styles so it’s cool if you can spend some time to look out for their work as well!

Ms Shiling & Ms Jamie 


Their our instructors and helps us to improve our work by giving us suggestions. They also teach us how to use animation softwares since we are all new to animation. They are very nice to us too. (They occasionally give us sweets and stuff. We had chocolate the other time. It was delicious.)

That would be all for today. I have to get back to work now. The rest of them are working. See you soon alright! In the mean time, ‘LIKE’ us on our Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eatyouup-NEMation-6/261385527243618 . This way, you can be up-dated with our news and you can talk to us! 🙂


Have a great day!


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