Break the Ice!

Hello all, it’s team Asian Keedz here once again! Chantel here:)
P.s for the very very late and brief team introduction (from left to right) and to share with you guys our progression!


Hi! My name is Sherle. I like drawing since young and was inspired by my primary1 teacher 🙂 Saw this competition and thought its cool to do something for our country. I also like turquoise and drinking coffee (especially nestle’s which is provided near the fubar(: )

So,  Yeap I’m Chantel. I love anything that is green(except insects), ducks, music, milktea and enjoy camwhoring various expressions with my crazy friends! (That explains our inappropriate team picture) Oh and i used to be a mapletard but retired from it :/ One thing i hate about myself is my short-term memory and getting paranoid whenever something bad happens 😦

HELLLOOOOO ALL! I’m Candice and i like animation especially designing characters, kimchi noodles and Aikido! Thinking of going to NYP dmd after o levels! 🙂

Since our last post, we have been really well fed and taken care by Ms Hazel, Ms WeiTyng, Antiss, Cheryl & Xinyi! THANK YOU! ❤ Due to our tight schedule, we have to skip lunch or dinner sometimes as we’re behind time and ended up munching junk food or food bought by either of them mentioned above. And I agree with FERD that paper characters/cuttings are quite tedious! Sometimes our paper fellows have missing eyeballs or limbs and we have to hunt for them or else we have to redo! All i can say is.. Let’s all jiayou for week3 and look forward for party together next Friday! 🙂

And i shall let the pictures do the talking!

Cupcakes bought by Antisssssssssssss 🙂 Yummmmms!

One day during week2, we ate Kimchi Cup Noodles with Cheese provided by our senior, Cheryl who recommended us this! The taste was spicy,salty and nice at the same time, Shiok! 
Antiss made a random rose and a weird bottlefly from the scrap box out of boredom while we were animating! 🙂

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