Jelvetica – The First Week

Hello! This is Bianca from Jelvetica reporting a very delayed post about our first week in the studios.

Our first week was not very intensive yet as we were still warming up to our schedule and things we had to do. However, by the end of the week we were much more aware of the amount of work we had to do and quickly got into the flow. We are so lucky to have wonderful instructors, Shiling and Jamie, to guide us and Gina from NYP to aid us especially when we have so many things to cut and paint.

Our first week was very much focused on getting the bodies of our soldier ready for our battle and finishing the back drop, painting countless trees. It might sound quite easy but in reality, even painting trees can be a nightmare. Having to redo the trees was quite frustrating but we took it in stride and managed to paint some very nice looking trees. In this week, we also discovered that all 3 of us have very little artistic talents which was a very large problem as majority of our animation depended on drawing bodies and heads but over the week we managed to improved tremendously.

Our first week also involved all 3 of us falling sick where I had it the worst. Constantly blowing my nose till it was red, we used up 2 tissue boxes which now (after the 2nd week) has increased to 4. Yet, we still worked diligently and did our best to keep as healthy and stay as fit as we could!  We have cut open the tops and are using the empty boxes to hold our paintbrushes and paint. 🙂

Below are some of the pictures we have taken over the first week:

This is Daphne “running” so that we could roughly see the positions we had to draw out to draw the soldier running. Alyssa has positioned her arms to show her “drinking” a drink.

We quickly got into the habit of taking-away our food as it saved us time and we would not need to eat before 7 as that’s when Koufu closes. Our favourite now is the Saba fish from the Korean stall!

These are the palettes which were filled of mixed colours. The palette on top was one we mixed for our sky, a mixture of blues and purples. It was one of the much more pleasant-coloured palettes as compared to the palette below, full of forest greens and browns. Obviously, washing the purple/blues palette was better to look at as compared to the green/browns.

This was the palette of our the skin colour we used for our soldier, one which constantly drove us crazy as we tried time after time to get back the same colours. It was a lot of hard work!

This is Alyssa and Daphne cutting out the second batch trees from the cardboard. They were much better looking than the first time we did them!

This is Shiling, who gets cold very easily! She always endures our high-ness and whining and very rarely gets annoyed at us even though we might provoke her.

This was the end product of our set, in black and white. I have to say that when I took this photo and looked at it I was really happy to see that our group was capable, with lots of practice and guidance, to paint something like this. I immediately thought it looked like something out of a cartoon and I’m glad we redid our original trees!

Under the guidance  of Jamie, we were able to paint the body parts and faces well! Also, if you notice in the photo the body parts of our soldier is split up. This however, has been redone and now our body parts are all together so that it is easier for us to animate.

These were the barks of our trees that took a lot of patience waiting for it to dry. At one point of time we even stood in front of the huge fans outside our tent to quicken the drying process. The end product was really nice though!

And of course, we had to have Koi, which provided us with energy and helped us to work more efficiently! 🙂

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