Week 2 – Epiphany


Week 2 came and happened. As I walked around, talking to the various groups, most of them have reached an epiphany that woah, they had a lot to do.

Seeing the plans or production timeline isn’t as same as doing it. You could go “Eh, we will do this easily, it’s just X!” where X is the thing they have to do for the specific timeline.

Birthday people

Still, it doesn’t mean they couldn’t relax or take breaks in between their dreary schedule.

In fact, the instructors at Animagine brought in a rich chocolate banana cake from Secret Recipe to celebrate the November and December production babies!

The Cake

Such a beautiful cake! Their combined ages are 140 years, hence 14 candles.


The groups also had Koi delivered to them! I gasped at the amount of cups that were placed on the table.

No, the store didn’t have a delivery service. Their instructors were nice enough to get orders from everyone so they took a trip and helped buy it for everyone.

Refreshing bubble tea break and cake after a whole day of continuous animating.

In the tents

It’s not all fun and games or rather cake and bubble tea all the time though. By this time, everyone has grown very familiar with each other and keep visiting each other’s tents to just talk.

It can be too mind numbingly boring to keep drawing frame by frame that conversation and random talking about Korean popstars, disturbing each other with soft toys and stuff was very much welcomed.

When you’re stuck there at your own tent, you take breaks and make your amusement where you can get them.

It is that dark

Where there is darkness, there is light.

This is how dark it gets when they all animate and the only light comes from where they draw or make their tiny little props.

The darkness is essential as the groups are starting test shots or some scenes of their stories.

Thus, the lighting in each tent is controlled and you wouldn’t get weird colouring or random shadows by neighbouring groups shining from their own tents.

Like a boss

You know, it took them only a few days before they started to customize their own tents?

From the plain white tents with just the production equipment in week 1, now they used posters, soft toys, Christmas trees and decorated their areas like a BOSS!


In the meantime, most of everyone’s characters are also done.They have to be since they would start their actual production half way through the week and onwards through week3.

However, there is a minor sense of worrying panic as some groups needed to redo some pieces since their characters, props or frame by frame drawings were either too small, not suitable or not consistant with their group mate’s work.

Watch out!

Don’t even think of tripping over their props either. There’s no time to redo everything if anyone goes about being clumsy.

When you’re in the tents or the area where props are drying from the paint or glue, you start being aware of your surroundings especially when the whole place is in darkness.

At home

Such a cozy tent. You wonder how all these students brought their things in and how they’re going to bring them back home after all the 3 weeks are over.

Everyone has settled in, in some sort of schedule.

Work on their animation, eat, disturb other people, work again, eat and disturb other people and then go home once they had finished their work for the day!

I think when you read the other groups’ blog posts here and on their own Facebook pages, you can get a subtle feel of hysteria, realization and a sense of “Oh my goodness. There is so much to do! WE NEED TO MAKE IT! We can make it right?! WE HAVE TO MAKE IT!”.

The Toilet Game

I think it is because of their tedious work that made them concentrate so much that have led them to making up a game when they go to the toilet.

Yes, the toilet.

It is called…

The Toilet Game.

Never let it be said that these students aren’t creative or aren’t game enough to try out new things.

The basic rules is just to not trigger the sensor for the lights of the toilet when you enter and this results in hilarious hijinks in which the students had to squat and inch slowly into the toilet while holding hands.

In the dark.

WELP! Time to spotlight the other five groups Asian Keedz, Dreamation, EATYOUUP, FERD and REVEILLE! Don’t forget to check out their own facebook pages linked on the N.E.mation facebook wall!

Next week will be their last so heh, heh, heeeeh.

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