Week 3, Day 3!

It is me again (me being Dawn).

Well, I happen to finish my work fast so here I am again to give you a short up-date on what’s going on in our little tent now. 🙂 

Hmm, we are pretty much done with our animation and we added more stuff like props to our scenes to make them happier and more dynamic. Yup. We are happy with our work so far but we will continue to improve them to make them even better! We can’t exactly show you our work now since they are currently scene by scene clips now and we haven’t combined everything together yet. Just look out for our final work next year! 

Anyway, here are some photographs of us and our stuff. 



3 of them and their happy faces. 🙂 Took a short break from work to pose for the photographs. Hahaha. 


Yu-shan and her rabbit, Number four. I took this when she just completed her work for Scene 2! Anyway, here are some props we drew and painted to be added to the Girl’s birthday scene! Yup, it’s the same Dinosaur from the N.e.mation! page. 🙂 It’s a balloon. Oh oh oh, and when you are watching our animation next year… look out for the fish in the birthday scene and the pigeons in the Passing Out Parade scene. They are cute and they move. By the way, it was pretty tedious animating them but it was worth it. I hope you will think so too when you watch the animation. 🙂 


Anyway, I don’t have a photograph of myself (yet) but if you happen to see the Piyo Piyo bag shown below around Nanyang Poly or on the train… That’s me! 🙂 Yes, I think my bag’s really adorable even at 17 years of age but even some instructors think so too! (Hahaha, on a side note, i got the bag when I was Primary 4 I think.)


Hmm. We are now trying to personalise our Total Defense logo. We will probably use watercolour too so we achieve consistency in our entire animation. Yup. Anyway… our Vlogs should be up loaded soon. Not sure where though. Might be the Youtube page or this website, yea. 

Anyway, talk to us on our page! We do not bite, I promise. 🙂 So keep the ‘Likes’ coming and talk to us! 😀 Click here.

Yours sincerely (after our delicious lunch),




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