Last day!

Hellohellohello! This is Jia-errrrrrrrrrr!

We’ve had a blast today because we managed to rush out our animation! 😀 Yep, even despite the drawings we redid at the last minute, including one entire scene that consisted of approximately 70 frames.

Okay well techinically we’ve not completed it cuz there are just some minor little things left for us to do like putting the captured frames into AfterEffects but our work is predominantly finished! -IMMENSE SATISFACTION-

And of course there was the wrap party 😀 It was plenty of fun but I shall leave it to others to post about it (cuz they have photos and I don’t).


Anyway, this isn’t the last you’ll see of Hungry Monsters because you can go to our facebook page and like it! We’ll still update there occasionally so you can feed on little snippets of our post-N.E.mation lives (like, back to studying).


Yup ok I shall go now because we’re still going back to NYP tomorrow to clear up the stuff in our tent (like our manymanymany decorations) and tie up the loose ends of our work 🙂 See y’all and have a good rest!

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