Foremost we want to say that WE ❀ MS HAZEL because she’s been so encouraging for the past 3 weeks and she always scolds us in a funny way whenever we draw our lines too thickly or cleanly or shade our drawings too dark or too light or we don’t close the gaps in our drawings etc. Not to mention all the work she does for us like helping us to do quality checks on our drawings.

Actually, we have a sign at the entrance of our tent that declares that we love her. It’s been there since the first week ^^

(by the way, the people in the photograph are not us.)

Secondly, we must thank Ms Shiling too because she was our instructor during the top 100 to top 10 pitching week. Without her help and advice we wouldn’t have gotten to the top 10 πŸ™‚ Yay for her!

Hooray for all the other instructors too especially Mr Joshua who often visits us to remind us about stuff and talk to us πŸ™‚

And then of course we must declare our appreciation for our NYP helpers, Xinyi and Edric! Well ok, actually Edric is our friend and not part of the group of official NYP helpers but he’s been visiting us to talk to us and entertain us and he also helped us to buy Koi. So yay for him πŸ˜€ Xinyi has been a great helper too cuz she never complains even though the only job we have for her is pretty boring, which is to help us to QC our drawings. But yay she’s super nice and even bought some snacks for us so thank you Xinyi!!! πŸ˜€ Your help was greatly appreciated!

And finally, yay for all the other top 10 teams, especially (of course) our sister group EATYOUUP, and our neighbours, Asian Keedz! Thanks for putting up with our noise and yep we know that we actually get reallyreally noisy when we start laughing but hopefully y’all got some entertainment from us (yup we know our laughter is pretty hilarious).

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