Xin Yi from EATYOUUP here ^^ After yesterday’s party in the working room, I blacked out and only woke up a couple of hours earlier. Anyways, I’d have to admit, being one of the oldest teams here really saps your energy. My high-ness lasted through 1/2 of Bieber’s Baby which I think is a pretty good feat. Dawn and Shan lasted the entire song and then it went downhill. Plonk.

Placing that aside, the main reason for this post is thank our fabalicious instructor – Serene!

Yes, the sheer immense of gratitude can’t be represented through a single post but at least we can try. So I’ll make this short and sweet, letting, quotes a Singaporean artist Tania de Rozario, ‘the real conversations (happen) in the spaces between’.

Why we love our instructor Serene: 

#1: She trusts our abilities and really, the confidence boosts our egos a little ;D

#2: She is not obliged to buy treats for us but she does. OMNOMNOM.

#3: She gives us space to form our own opinions but keeps things professional. After all, she has more experience than us.

#4: For her, it’s more of a ‘Do it if you want to.’ and not ‘You must change this’. Gives us lots more ownership over our work.

#5: Her stamina is -thumbs up-. She could juggle all of our problems and a lot more. Not considering that she has 2 other groups to take care of.

All in all, we had a fantastic time with her and even though we’ll never have a chance to take part in this competition again (as students) because we’ll be too old, we do hope we’ll be able to keep in touch.

Here’s 2 short videos we did for her ft. Ah Fook (her little friend):

Lastly, a shout out to all the other teams out there. It need not be something gigantic, or spellbinding at that but, MAKE SURE TO SHOW YOUR INSTRUCTORS YOUR LOVE, GRATITUDE OR WHATEVER.


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