NEmation! 6 Production Week 3: The Tough Gets Going

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Last week in my post, When The Going Gets Tough, I shared with you that animation was no easy task and the general challenges the Top 10 Team were facing and long hours they were pulling during the first two weeks of production.

In Production Week 3 … it got even worst for majority of the teams … some were working from 9AM till 12 Midnight. I even witness some teams working past Midnight. Yes, I was there with them … some of the interviews below was done AFTER Midnight!!

NE6 Prod Week Three12

I'm Sooooo Tired ... Can You Guess Who This Is?

But as the proverb goes “When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going”.

So how did our Top 10 Tough Teams manage to drive themselves on and soldier through Production Week 3 and finally complete Mammoth Task of producing the one minute animation by last Saturday?

Well … that’s what this post is all about and I’ll let the Teams tell you their story through my Interview with them 🙂

The Interview Format

Each Team was asked 4 questions:

  1. What was the toughest moment during the 3 weeks of production and how did you overcome it?
  2. Looking back at your animation and the 3 weeks of production work … do you have any regrets? (Question Supplied Inspired By Ellery Ng, Co-Founder of Animagine)
  3. If given a chance, will you do this (NEmation) again?
  4. Tell us why we should vote for your team?

The interview was follow by a short clip of their animation where available. Team Viva was in the midst of animating and Team Hungry Monster had already packed up when the interview was done … so I could not get a sample of their animation.

Do note that the animation clips provided was in various stages of completion and do not represent the final product.

The arrangement below starts from FERD and goes anti-clockwise according to the arrangement of the tent during production. The words in blue are my personal impression of each team.


Team FERD still had a lot of work to do when they gamely accepted my interview. Their production task was interrupted quite frequently with computer crashes … and it happened again when they tried to show me their animation clip!! I saw them still working on their animation on Week 3, Day 6.

NE6 – FERD from James Soh on Vimeo.

You can check out more about FERD at FERD’s Facebook Page.

Team Jelvetica

Team Jelvetica had a tough start in week 1 but caught up pretty quickly during end game. I think they were one of the 3 earliest team to wrap up their production.

NE6 – Jelvetica from James Soh on Vimeo.

Jelvetica does not have a facebook page.

Team S.S.S.A.

I’ve always like Claymation and I was attracted to their characters and props for their scene from week one. But I didn’t have much interaction with them as they were almost always busy with their production work. This is one of the Team interviewed at near Midnight on Week 3, Day 5.

SSSA from James Soh on Vimeo.

You can check out more about S.S.S.A. at S.S.S.A’s Facebook Page.

Team Viva

Coming from a school that produced 2 winning NEmation Teams … Team Viva faces a huge load of pressure from expectations all around. My impression is that they are constantly looking to improve what I would have already consider very good and it really slows down their production progress. Come on Viva, give yourself some confidence!

Viva from James Soh on Vimeo.

You can check out more about Viva at Viva’s Facebook Page.

Team Reveille

Team Reveille should have it easy with two veteran NEmation members. They were one of the rare few who could show me a good length animation that looks very very good. Well done guys.

Reveille from James Soh on Vimeo.

You can check out more about Reveille at Reveille’s Facebook Page.

Team iSmacked

Team iSmacked is the only team in the Top 10 that RAPS. That’s their unique selling point but it also gave them headache trying to lip sync. They were also the only team to switch animation technique and disaster still had to kick them again on Week 3, Day 5 by corrupting their entire days work. I saw the team almost cracking at that instant … but I’m glad they persevered and pull through it all on Week 3, Day 6. Way to go guys!!

NE6 – iSmacked from James Soh on Vimeo.

You can check out more about iSmacked at iSmacked’s Facebook Page.

Team Asian Keedz

Team Asian Keedz consist of 3 adorable girls creating with very adorable props for an adorable animation. They probably had the most complex paper cutting props which looks very good but gave them a hard time to animate. Almost always working on something when I visit the studio. They were also the last team I interviewed on Week 3, Day 5 … way past Midnight.

Asian Keedz from James Soh on Vimeo.

You can check out more about Asian Keedz at Asian Keedz’s Facebook Page.

Team Hungry Monsters

Team Hungry Monsters is a confident team … actually both Team from Dunman High gave me a sense of confidence, focus and are hardworking. It shows in their work and both teams were the earliest to finish their animation … on time. What’s interesting about Team Hungry Monsters was that they came back on Week 3, Day 6 just to hand draw souvenirs for their Instructors!!

Hungry Monsters from James Soh on Vimeo.

You can check out more about Hungry Monsters at Hungry Monsters’s Facebook Page.

Team Dreamation

Team Dreamation struck me at a warm, always positive and chatty Team. They were the first Team I met during production week and still the team that I can chat with during anytime of any production week. In fact their interview was so long I had a hard time trimming it down!!

NE6 – Dreamation from James Soh on Vimeo.

You can check out more about Dreamation at Dreamation’s Facebook Page.

Team EatYouUp

Team EatYouUp is the other Dunman Team. Same sense of confidence, focus and hardworking I get from Team Hungry Monster. The have one of the nicest looking props and background scenery among the Top 10 Teams … all hand painted. Unfortunately they are also the only Team where I could not get an interview with. They were too busy during Week 3, Day 5 … then it was too noisy to interview during Wrap party and they were gone right after the party.

NE6 Prod Week Three10

Group Photo Of Tean EatYouUp

NE6 Prod Week Three11

Screen Shot of Animation With Painted Props

You can check out more about EatYouUp at EatYouUp’s Facebook Page.

Interview Afterthoughts

As you can see, every team have given their all for that 3 weeks of animation production. IT IS their BEST they could give and most of them have little to no regrets.

And despite going through 3 very tough weeks, most of them will be willing to do it again if they can experience animation using another medium or technique. That is testament to the Top 10 Teams commitment to animation/NEmation.

In this regards, I would say that NEmation has already met part of it’s objective of inspiring these young talents interest for animation.

Well Done!!

NEmation! 6 Ambassador Finalist

Note1 : All Photos & Videos Taken With Canon EOS 600D Mounted On The Canon Supplied Tripod.

Note2: All Works Were Taken In Week 3 Day 5 & 6 of NEmation! 6 Production.

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