Week 3: Hysteria

Instructors helping

Happy holidays everyone!

The third week of N.E.Mation is the last week for all the students. I don’t want to repeat the same things like what the other ambassadors are writing so, be sure to check Marcus and James’ posts too!

Like this one by James about what method each group is doing for their animation or this one by Marcus that has a lot of pictures on all of the groups!

Finishing up

Everyone’s props are pretty much finished. The beginning of the week was filled with relative silence and a buzz of nervousness.

Just imagine N.E.Mation to be like an episode of Junior Masterchefs but with less cooking and more animation. It is that kind of energy.


While the groups were doing their work (by this time, their tents have signs pasted on them with the words “Don’t disturb, production in progress” etc and their “doors” were shut), visitors came by in the afternoon or evening.

Visitors like their parents, teachers and even the companies that sponsored the equipment for this competition.

The groups now know how to talk to the media for interviews with all the practice they had too.



Photo taking for the media

Everyone was finishing up, either saving their files or just recording the last few bits of a scene for their animation.

That and getting their pictures taken by the media!

Bottles to be recycled

They have a lot to clean up too since they’ll have to pack all their stuff, latest Saturday morning.

Last briefing

And then, we have the last briefing. Everyone was more or less completed anyway and people were ready to party.

Thanking the instructors

First, a thanks to the instructors since they helped the groups in planning on how to go about their animation and showing them or discussing how to solve problems that each of the groups they looked after had.

Student helpers too

Next, to all the student helpers too! They were there to help the groups in cutting pieces of paper, generally helping out and bringing morale up to the students!


And finally, time to party!


Sodas were all poured and everyone yam seng-ed to a successful N.E.Mation 6!

Finally, to eat!

Yesss, finally everyone got to eat. No more school foodcourt food for the evening or fast food. Finally, catered food for everyone in the end.

Finally, finally everyone can now rest.

Except the instructors since they’ll take the animations files the groups did and churn them out for broadcast quality with audio too.

Also, a mini dance party happened and of course, everyone helped to clean up in the evening! I wasn’t sure if I was in a Glee episode then since it ended with Rebecca Black’s Friday too…

Cheers to all the groups! We’ll see who will win the ultimate prize in 2012 when the voting and judging starts!

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