Trivia behind N.E.mation!6 Part 2

This will be the final part of Trivia behind N.E.mation6! Since this would be the last part to the Trivia, I will be giving away awards! (Not real awards with trophies…)

Alright, first up, I would be giving away the award to the Team that has the best Interior Design for their tent.

And the winner goes to…..


Let’s take a look at their tent!





It’s rather obvious that they deserve this award due to the amount of things they put in their tent, it really looks very artistic like a real studio.

Next up, we have the best Exterior Design award.

& the award goes to Team EATYOUUP




They took the effort to decorate the outside of their tent to beautify their work area to keep themselves in a happy mood because they believe that a happy work environment leads to better work performance!

Next award would be for the ones who have managed to survive the 3 week production!

Hahas, basically all the teams deserve this award! It’s not easy to keep the level of interest during the 3 weeks, if it was me I would have been interested in the 1st week and might have just loss interest during the 2nd or 3rd week. So yeah, kudos to all the Top 10 Teams!

At the end of the day, I just want everyone to know that, everyone’s a winner, it’s just the way of how you look at things from different angles.

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