Jelvetica – Week Three

Hello! This is Daphne here! I’ve been sent here to report to you on our third, and sadly, final, week of NEmation production. This is a pretty delayed post so pardon me if I miss out any important details.

In the third week, all we had left to do was the last couple of scenes of the cardboard animation and the whole of the bag animation. Now that I think of it, it seems like quite a lot, but actually it wasn’t that much because most of our time during the three weeks was spent on pre-production.

On Monday, we managed to finish the whole of the bag scene because Shiling decided that if we did start on the cardboard animation, we would be distracted by the constant going in and out of people. Monday was the day that parents and teachers of the top 10 teams came and there were really a whole lot of people moving from tent to tent. So being the obedient kids, we listened to Shiling and stayed in the somewhat secluded place and shot our bag scenes. Here are some of the photos.

Alyssa working on the bag

Still working on the bag

While Bianca and Alyssa were starting the bag scene, I had to finish painting the medics in our tent. Here are some of the pictures of the uncompleted medics and finally the total defence sign that we had traced and cut out.


Me painting the darn uniform

Almost complete #1

Almost complete #2

Almost complete #3

TD logo

There were many other things that happened in the last week. It’s going to become one big blur soon but I’m sure all three of us savoured every moment of it. We managed to finish everything before we left on Friday night so we didn’t have to go back to Nanyang Poly to finish up our clip.

Bianca has the pictures of the wrap party so I’ll let her tell you guys on what happened during the party and all that.

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