Jelvetica – Week Two

Hi this is Alyssa!
Week 2 was extremely tiring and hectic as we were very much behind schedule as we had some changes to our character, and production was already supposed to begin in Week 2. Originally, we had planned to separate the character’s body parts. However, we made the decision to scrap the previous idea and decided to draw a full body of the character, as it would be less tedious.

This is a photo of the full bodies of our character, as well as a folder of the different facial expressions (top left).

Redoing the character’s body was mentally and physically challenging, as we had to re-mix the paint to get the correct shade of green or whichever colour was needed. As for me, I had to cut out every single body again, and it might seem easy, but it is quite mentally challenging to sit there for ±12 hours, using the pen knife and just cutting the same shape all over again.

Highlights of the second week was definitely the start of production. We all had parts of the stop-motion that we were better in, and we would separate the parts accordingly and increased efficiency! We were still behind time by the end of the second week, but we managed to overcome whatever obstacles that came, such as having to redo a certain scene multiple times just to ensure that the clip was good enough.

Here are some photos from Week 2:

A picture of our mixed paint for the army uniform again and a lot of chocolate (courtesy of the NYP student helpers) for energy to continue

Daphne painting the character’s bodies AND kudos to her for re-mixing the 5 different colours every single time we had to redo a body and for painting every single one of the character’s bodies.

Random photo of the tissue box. I must add, this might’ve been our fifth or sixth box, as all of us were still sick during the early part of the second week.

That’s all from me today, hope you enjoyed this slight update on Week 2 🙂

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