Jelvetica – Wrap Party

Hello! This is Bianca reporting again, this time about the Wrap Party that was held on the last Friday of production! It was a wonderful experience and I could understand why Daphne was so excited for it (seeing as this is her second year doing NEmation!) and I wasn’t disappointed! The confetti, the dancing and even the cleaning up was fun and I felt that it was really a great way to end the 3 weeks of production, allowing us to let loose and have fun!

Here are some photos I took during the party!:
We actually had trouble opening the children’s bottle of sparkling juice and had to ask Weisong to help us. Thank you!

Rebekah came to celebrate with us too! You can see Daphne pouring drinks for her and Alyssa.

Throwing confetti on an unsuspecting victim

Stocking up on confetti!!!

Here, our SST friends help us cover Rebekah in confetti. TEAMWORK!

An instax of Rebekah, Alyssa and Daphne throwing confetti in the air! (With my horrible aim)

How we show our appreciation to the lovely Jamie for all her help 🙂

Instaxes of me and Alyssa going a bit crazy with the confetti

Daphne, Rebekah, Valencia and Jamie getting food after we were doing playing and rolling around in the confetti

Alyssa, Rebekah, Valencia, Jamie and Daphne taking a group photo!

Waiting for the toilet light to go off to commence playing the last few rounds of the toilet game. I have a feeling the light never went off/someone else went in and so we never got to play it…. yet.

(Observe toilet light = on) Daphne and Valencia looking quite cool!

This was the only photo I had of Gina and I really want to thank her for helping us, teaching us how to paint and buying us junk food (and even offering me her hashbrown!) Thank you!!!

Rebekah going a bit wonky with her lights when we were jumping around the “dance floor”

Me, Daphne and Alyssa with J.K.!

Valencia, Me, Alyssa and Daphne

A quick fix to the unglamorous photo they took 😦

Janice and Shiling!

And finally, we get to play the toilet game. (Side note – did you know hand dryers are also activated by flash? Thus I got  very freaked out every time I took a photo and the hand dryer came on).

And after all the celebrations we had to finish filming the mosquito scene, then we were done!

I hope you enjoyed the wrap party as much as I did!

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