Hello all!

It’s Xin Yi from EATYOUUP here. Anyways, it’s been approximately 2 weeks since voting has started and if have yet to cast your wise decisions on any of the 4 platforms, it’s not too late to do so because you’ve still got 1 WEEK to go!

Setting that aside, we’ve been fooling around with cameras throughout the 3 weeks of production, regardless of whether it’s the webcam or my handy dandy DSLR and I would say I’ve become pretty okay with editing videos now 😀

Around the 2nd last day of our N.E.Mation Production journey, we kinda got a little bored and tried to find ways to entertain ourselves :X And it so happened that Dawn and I went a little overboard with the imitation of Channel 8 Chinese dramas, and then poof, LET’S MAKE A PROMOTIONAL VIDEO! (Courtesy of Dawn) I found myself seated at the desktop clicking the button on the software called Animaker while Dawn and Sim Lin maneuvered our little paper figurines on the book-elevated platform behind me, with slacker Yu Shan playing Tetris Battle without a care in the world.


Can you guess who is who?

But before we present the all-awesome PROMOTIONAL VIDEO, here’s the stop-motion video we did during the Top 20 animation workshop, just to show you where we obtained our stop-motion skills from 😀

It’s a little bit sadistic right? But admit, it’s so cute :3

Alright, now for the PROMOTIONAL VIDEO! Please enjoy~

I have to admit, it came out a little late. It was meant to be a prelude to our actual N.E.Mation clip, but ah well, what’s done is done. Better late than never right?

And here’s our actual N.E.Mation product!

Well, I’ve hope you enjoyed my attempt at being self-enthusiastic in front of a computer screen, so that’s all for now! See’ya later folks!

Xin Yi from EATYOUUP 

P.S: We might upload some of the vlogs we did over the production week because some of them are really funny (or at least we think they are) XD So keep a lookout! 


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