N.E.mation! 6 – A Tip To Get More Votes

Hi Folks,

Since N.E.mation! 6 public voting started 2 weeks ago on the 18 Jan 2012 … I’m betting that all of you have been canvassing for votes like crazy (probably pestering your relatives & friends until they went crazy or voted on the spot), right?

Have you already done all you can to gather your votes? Did you miss anyone?

NE6 Methods To Vote

With less than 7 days to go before voting ends, lets take a look at the effort each Team has put in during the past week (based on publicly available data on their own NE6 Fan Page).

Efforts So Far

Here are the stats from 9 of the 10 NE6 teams (I still cannot find Jelvetica’s Fan Page) and I ranked them based on the number of Conversation they generated over the past 7 days (you know it by the “talking about this” number on your Team’s Page).

iSmacked Fan Page
162 Fans
37 Conversations in the Past Week

Dreamation Fan Page
229 Fans
20 Conversations in the Past Week

Reveille Fan Page
168 Fans
14 Conversations in the Past Week

FERD Fan Page
101 Fans
12 Conversations in the Past Week

Eatyouup Fan Page
145 Fans
6 Conversations in the Past Week

Hungry Monsters Fan Page
138 Fans
6 Conversations in the Past Week

Viva Fan Page
118 Fans
5 Conversations in the Past Week

S.S.S.A Fan Page
223 Fans
2 Conversations in the Past Week

Asian Keedz Fan Page
24 Fans
0 Conversations in the Past Week

iSmacked Most Viral

Why do I rank the effort based on Conversation and not Fans?

Well, that’s because fans can vote once but conversation has more reach and potential gather much more votes for you.

Based on the above data, posting on iSmacked Fan Page very likely reached much more people on Facebook than any other team for the past 7 days.

So is that bad news for the other teams? Well, not really.

The good news is that I know many of you (like myself) are sharing the voting app on NEmation Facebook Page directly.

Due to the concerted effort, N.E.mation Facebook Page gained over 2000 new fans (likes) since voting started and have 1289 active conversation (likes/mentions/shares etc) in the past 7 days.

Can you do the same for your Team’s Fan Page, get the sharing to go viral and get more votes?

A Tip To Get More Votes

Of course and here is how you do it:

1) Write a post on your Team’s Fan Page to canvass for votes, remember to add a link to http://nemation.sg/ and thank the reader for their time and vote. And ask them to share it with their friends too.

2) Share the post on your timeline, wall (if you are not using timeline), other pages you may have or even private message your friends. Remember to ask them to Vote for you AND Share the post with their friends too.

A Good Example By Jun Kang From Reveille ... but don't say it's a Spam lah!!

Note that if you are writing such a post on NEmation Facebook Page, there is no option to share, it can only be ‘liked’ so it’s not as effective as you cannot personalize with a message of your own (and besides, I think majority of those 6000+ fans have already voted).

So what are you waiting for … get going and start canvassing for more votes … it ain’t over till 7 Feb 2012.

Every vote counts and everyone can only vote once so be the first to ask!!

Good Luck!!

NEmation! 6 Ambassador Finalist




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