VOTE FOR JELVETICA!!!! And other things.

I know voting’s ending soon and this is a little late but remember to vote for us if you haven’t!

Again, there are FOUR ways you can vote for us, that means 4 votes PER person!! (Because some people still don’t understand how this works) Through web, mobile web (that means you need 3G), SMS and Facebook. 🙂

Now, this would probably be our final post before the results are announced. We’d like to thank so so so many people who helped us during the three weeks, this goes in no particular order.

Shiling, our wonderful (kinda hahaha) trainer!!! Hello hello, we know you’re missing us after seeing our pretty faces (almost) everyday for three weeks. Thanks so much for dealing with our nonsense every single day but we made those three weeks a whole lot more fun right! If, or when, we go to USA, we’ll buy back LOADS of things for you okay! If not, you can still remember us with the pooh bear, it’s so cute. (If you think “like me” then I have no comment, hahaha.) And please, that stupid rumour you told us is so ridiculous okay!

Jamie, our other amazing trainer! 🙂 I know you spent most of your time in our tent during the three weeks and you tolerated much more of our crap than Shiling but you’re still alive. So it’s all good!! You must be missing us too right, we made your life that much more entertaining and fun in three weeks. I’m sorry if we were too noisy for you when you were doing your report but EVERYONE knows that St. Marg’s girls are noisy hehehe. We’ll buy back stuff for you too if/when we go to USA but you still have your piglet!

Gina, I don’t know how I should refer to you. You’ve been a great help! Right from the start, you helped us to draw, paint, cut, scrape. You even brought things for us to eat! Man, I don’t know how to thank you but I don’t think we’d be as productive as we were if you weren’t there. 🙂

Rebekah, becky! I know things have been complicated right from the start, before we even got into top 40 but you’ve been there either physically or virtually to support us every step of the way. Thank you so much becks, for everything that you’ve done for us and bought for us on your way here.

I feel like I need to thank smoochiezz too, although this may be a tad too far, but oh well. We are in no way affiliated to them at all. Smoochiezz had a flea outside the NYP auditorium, selling nail polishes for a week. This may be a little shocking to all of you but I (Daphne) bought around 8, EIGHT, bottles in around three or four days.


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