Reflections …

Hello all!

It’s the last 2+ days left for voting and everybody is crazily trying to garner more votes. Welllll, in my opinion, there’s nothing bad about it but there is another important thing to do though. And that is to reflect on oneself. So, here we are, reflecting on our animation clip and together with everything else. I mean as proud as we are of our clip, there is still room for improvement right?

Reflection on animation clip


Firstly, maybe it could be a tad less, simpler. I’m not saying simple isn’t good but maybe there could have been more animation, in terms of transition, rather than just a simple fade. Because initially, we did think hard of how to transit, etc. Father looks at National Service sign and it transits to the Boyfriend’s checklist. Plus we aren’t skilled enough to make full use of the animation software. 
Secondly, we know it’s going to be on television on everything, and that’s probably why the watercolour texture was not very obvious, losing the whole point of why watercolour was used. What I thought we could try was watercolour without the outline and background. Because the essence of watercolour is this fleeting feeling. With the outline and background it seems grounded and more like poster colour rather. We know our instructors’ concerns was the patchiness but we think that gives the dynamic feeling to watercolour. That’s why initially we wanted a simple wash for our backgrounds.

This is an example we found online. We thought it was quite cool 😀 

Thirdly, maybe we could have edited the dialogue / add more of it. The transitions happen really fast and the audience might not be able to catch what’s going on without proper explanation. That’s just a thought though.

Reflection on other stuff

We could’ve bonded more with other teams than just sticking to Hungry Monsters cause we’re from the same school. The thing is, we are like in J1 while the rest were in their Secondary stages, so there was this difference in wavelength that we could not overcome. Then again, no excuses, hence this is under our reflection list.


We didn’t spend alot of time getting to know more about our wonderful instructor Serene D: She was so busy all the time and we really didn’t want to drag her down with our nonsense.

And yupyup, that’s all we have. We really enjoyed the whole N.E.Mation process and it’s something we probably won’t forget in our entire lifetime. Rememmmbeeerrr, VOTE FOR US! WE ARE EATYOUUP (C3) FROM DUNMAN HIGH SCHOOL! ^^


P.S: Here’s another clip we thought was interesting.

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