And the Champion is…

Well, well, we have certainly come a long way from so many teams with a myriad of story ideas down to our Top 10. Following that we had a grueling production period where teams dedicated 3 weeks of their precious holidays to animating.

After all that effort, hard work, sweat, tears, you know what I am getting at, we’re down to this very day…

Crowning the champion!

The champion team is decided by judges who take up 50% of the score and also public voting, amassing the other 50%.

Kicking off the Total Defence Day celebrations were some performances to lighten the mood, followed by an opening address by Mr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Defence.

Then came the highlight of the show, the result announcement. All 10 teams were called to the stage and had their animations played one more time. The amount of anticipation and tension radiating in the room was quite hard to miss!

It started with giving thanks to the 7 teams that have made it this far before we moved on to award REVEILLE! of Kent Ridge Secondary School with the 2nd runner up position.

Now it was down to 2 and the auditorium was quiet with anticipation as the remaining two teams, Hungry Monsters (Dunman High School) and Dreamation (School of Science and Technology, Singapore), stood forward.

Host for the night, Power98’s DJ JK lightened the tense atmosphere with some quick questions for the teams.

The champion was announced through the giant screen at the back of the stage. The result announcement felt even more nerve-wrecking as the screen flitted to and fro the two teams and finally landed on…..

Hungry Monsters!

Congratulations to Hungry Monsters for winning the Champion spot and the audience also gave a round of applause to Dreamation for securing the 1st runner-up position.

The members of Hungry Monsters mentioned that they were still in shock and too elated over winning to have any thoughts come to mind about the win.

Even though they were swarmed with attention after they exited the stage, we did manage to grab a quick interview with them and that will be up soon. You can check our Facebook Page to be notified once that interview and video feature of the event is up!

The prize giving for the night didn’t just stop there as iSmacked was awarded the Social Media Award for their active sharing and spreading of N.E.mation! through online platforms!

You can find their Facebook page here.

It was truly a day of prize giving and result announcements as aside from the teams, we also announced the winning N.E.mation! 6 Ambassador that will be flying to USA with the winning team!

It was down to three, Marcus, James and Sarah and you had seen their extensive coverage about the production period on our blog. After much deliberation, the appointed ambassador is….


Congratulations once again and a big thank you to everyone who had taken part in this be it as a student, ambassador, or behind-the-scenes instructors! Though not everyone can clinch the top position, making it this far is already an achievement in it’s own, this goes for teams and the ambassadors! All the memories and experiences that you have gained, along with friends you have made will be something you can keep for a long time to come.

With this N.E.mation! 6 is a wrap but don’t go anywhere, we have more news and information coming up soon!

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