“Thank you for your love and encouragement; words cannot express [our] gratitude for you.”

Hello everyone! This is Jia-er 🙂 On behalf of Fabian and Siang Ler, I’d like to say, firstly,

CONGRATULATIONS to the other 9 teams!

Most notably to Dreamation of SST and Reveille! of Kent Ridge Sec for being the 1st and 2nd runners-up respectively (hey you guys got cameras! :D) and iSmacked of Evergreen Sec for winning the Social Media Award!

You guys have been awesome throughout the whole N.E.mation journey and we’re glad to have met such strong competition 🙂 Thanks for putting up with our noise/nonsense during production phase, especially Asian Keedz who were next to us and probably heard our gossip and whatnot, oops.


THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT. I think we said it many times but really, “words are not enough to express [our] gratitude”.

Thank you to the instructors, especially Ms Hazel! For making us redraw everytime we fail your Quality Check and striving to do better. As Mr Ellery said, every time we redo our work, it is a chance for us to improve. We did. 🙂 And true to the constant reminders by Mr Joshua, we “backed up and saved our work twice” – we produced 2 piles of drawings that were approximately of equal height:

And also for treating us to gongcha/Aston’s for dinner on the 2nd Sat of production. 😀

Thank you to the organisers, for allowing us to make it all the way to the top 10 🙂 We’re all turning 18 this year, so N.E.mation 6 is our first, last and only chance to take part, and we’re really glad that we made it so far and learnt so much! 

omg Dawn I'm so sorry for blocking you!

Thank you to our beloved Dunman High School for supporting us! We hope that we did the school proud and thank you especially to our principal, Dr Foo, our vice principal, Mr Gan, and our teacher-in-charge Ms Teh! And of course, the dearest alumni members who helped us to spread the word! Hello Yellow Earthworms from season 4! 😀 

ESPECIALLYESPECIALLY our beloved sister team, EATYOUUP ♥ The support that you guys gave was tremendous, really. I think you all know how important you were/still are ^^

Much love goes out to our NYP helper Xinyi and our ‘helper’ Edric (ok actually he’s an old friend) for helping us out! Whether it was buying food or providing company etc. 🙂

All our love goes out to our friends and family too, for helping us to promote our  animation- eg. getting everyone else in the office to vote on the spot, getting customers to vote, and during a CNY family gathering, making sure that everyone casts a vote before the whole table can begin eating. Hehe 🙂 We hope we made you proud too! 

Also, our thanks to the NE6 Ambassadors and everyone else involved in providing coverage for our NE6 journey 🙂 


Anyway, YES WE ARE TERRIBLY EXCITED FOR OUR TRIP TO USA but sadly for now, it’s back to the harsh realities of JC life! 😦

Fabian, you clearly need to shrink. Look at our average height!

But to end off, thank you to my lovely wonderful teammates Fabian and Siang Ler! For everything 🙂 

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