Disney Pixar’s Brave Movie Premiere!

Last Sunday, a part of the N.E.mation! team along with our ‘Share Your Story’ winners andpast N.E.mation! winners trooped down to The Cathay to attend the Movie Premiere of Disney Pixar’s Brave!

While we shan’t spoil the movie for those who intend to catch it, let’s just say it was a flick that both kept you entertained and chuckling throughout while still tugging at your heartstrings!

Aside from the fun of catching the movie in 3D, the participants (us included!) got to take part in the Brave games!

A small area in the atrium of The Cathay was cordoned off and structured in theme with Brave. Even the game masters were all dressed up as Merida!

The activities include Tug of War, a photobooth session (which was immensely popular) and an archery game! Of course as a safety measure the whole arrow shooting part is digital and simulated with a game console.

In all, everyone had a fun and eventful day at the Movie Premiere. Check out what some of our past N.E.mation! winners had to share about the movie!

“Brave was a simple tale that struck me deeply because it was so easy to relate to: rebelling against our parents’ wishes, no matter that they were intended for our own good. I loved the spunk of Merida, balanced by the dignity of Elinor and the humour in Fergus’ and the triplets’ actions. The dynamic relationship between Merida and the Queen was what drew me in and made the movie so intriguing. Definitely a movie worth watching! 🙂
– Pua Jia-er, N.E.mation! 6 Champion Team

“Brave is definitely one of the most touching animations i have watched in recent years. It has a very well crafted storyline which will captivate you. Coupled with the 3D effect it draws you into the story further.
– Liu Xianneng, N.E.mation!  3 Champion Team


Want to catch Disney Pixar’s Brave as well?

Simply share your ‘Brave’ story before 2nd August and stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to the movie screening on 6th August!

Join us on 6th August, 7pm at The Cathay!

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