Sharing the Shared Stories!

As we all know, registration for N.E.mation! 7 is now closed!

We thank all the teams that had completed their submissions and wish them all the best! Your stories will be reviewed and only 100 of the lot will make it through!

Well, registration for N.E.mation! aside, through the month of July till August, we held a contest on our Facebook Page asking you (the fans) to share with us your stories about overcoming challenges in life!

We had 2 themes, one about sharing your ‘BRAVE’ story and the other urging people to share their ‘Singapore’ Story.

We received a good amount of submissions and it was both inspirational and touching to read through them. A couple were quirky, some were motivational while others were relatable but all in all, we are thankful for all the submissions as revisiting challenges and sharing your experiences about them is a challenge in itself!

We didn’t do an official highlight of the winners but incase anyone is curious, here they are (not in order of rank)!

Round 1 – Share Your ‘Brave’ Story

Ng Kok Yin – Overcoming Fears and Denial
Megan Foo – What If?
Judson Ngiam – In order to fly, one has to forsake…
Carol Neo – Giving Birth
Nuraziela Bte M Zahaid – BRAVERY for standing up for cousins in public!
Looi Wei Chern – BRAVING through the Mountains and more…
Azrinnizzah Azhar – WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?
Shasha Maria – Toby and Me

Round 2 – Share Your ‘Brave’ Story

Benjamin Goh – The first step into the sky
Solomon Woo – The Brave Lesson…
Anna Lee – Overcoming the odds
Chan Poh Ching –  Acrophobia Tree Top Challenge
See Sze Ping – Jungle Flight
Jovinne Sham – Breaking Out of your Comfort Zone
Janice Low – Telling myself 10 times a day: I’m Pretty.
Quek Siew Gek – Staying True to Yourself…

Round 3 – Share Your Singapore Story

Anna Lee – This Is Home…. Truly
Solomon Woo – Together We Have Achieved
Md Shariff Abdullah – My Singapore in USA
Sharon Woo – Overcoming The Challenges.

While the above are the winning stories, its not to say that the other stories aren’t good too! It’s a pity we were not able to hand out prizes to each and every participant, else we would have loved to.

Aside from the stories above, you can also drop by the ‘Share Your Story’ Facebook App to read the other submissions!

Stay tuned for what’s to come with N.E.mation! 7!

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