From Top 100 to Top 40!

After familiarizing the Top 100 teams to N.E.mation! on the 1st of September, the students dived straight to work on Monday and thought of ways to pitch their stories to the judges.

We witnessed some very impressive effort from the teams, pitching with props, instruments, acts as well as dare-devil stunts!

In all, it seems like the talk about pitching and making an impression really got to the teams!

After the pitches, the day didn’t stop there as the judges immediately gathered to deliberate about the teams and shortlist the 40 that they feel should move on with the N.E.mation! journey.

Once that was decided, the teams, very warmly, welcomed the judges to the Theatre for the Arts at Nanyang Polytechnic, for the result announcement.

Those that have stuck around with us through the seasons would recognise this announcement format.

Each team was handed an envelope that contains a slip of paper with a shape printed on. The teams have no idea what the shape signifies until the announcement is made.

Some teams were curiously peering into their envelope while others just gripped it tightly and wished for the best.

Anticipation laced the atmosphere as Mr Ellery went through the shapes one by one, decoding whether it meant that teams holding a specific shape would continue on or not.

After the Top 40 had been announced, the teams were a mix of emotions. Some were crying tears of joy while others were disappointed about not making it through.

Congratulations to those who moved on to the Top 40 and a round of applause for those who have made it into the Top 100 as that in itself is not an easy task!

We hope to see some of these teams again next year in N.E.mation! 8!

This elimination is just the start of the journey, stay tuned to see how we went from the Top 40 to the Top 20.

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