Top 20, Here We Come!

Onward to Day 3 in the grueling 1 Week Selection Process!

Teams that had made it to the Top 40 had to put their minds to work to refine their pitch and story ideas before presenting to a panel of judges once more.

After spending their mornings refining their story ideas, the teams faced the judges once more and pitched for a spot in the Top 20!

Aside from props, songs and interesting presentations, in this round the teams were all prepped with substantial storyboards and means to express their clip’s idea and progression to the judges.

After all 40 teams were done with their pitching, the judges were once again faced with the decision of appointing 20 teams that would continue on in the N.E.mation! 7 Journey.

On the other end, the teams were all hyped up with anticipation about the results!

The Top 20 result announcement is done in a slightly different fashion from the Top 40 result announcements.

This time, 3 – 4 teams were called to the front and Mr Ellery had the joy of ‘tormenting’ them (and their friends in the audience) with the suspense.

Teams standing in front were asked to take a step backward or forward and following that Mr Ellery would then announce which ‘row’ was making it through and which wasn’t.

Teams that had made it through all burst into ecstatic cheers and even tears!

Teams that, sadly, did not make it through to the Top 20 were tasked with an act of ‘closure’ by removing their team photo from the wall.

This was how the wall of photo frames looked, after the Top 20 teams were announced:

And here is the official group shot of our Top 20 teams along with the Animagine Intructors!

The teams have dedicated 3 days to the N.E.mation! journey and the Top 20 will be spending more time under-going workshops as well as some animation training.

Do stay tuned for recaps of those!

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