Animation & Storyboard Training for the Top 20!

Taking a little ‘break’ from all the pitching and eliminations, the Top 20 teams spent 3 days going through animation workshops and also storyboard training to help them firm up and further develop their story pitch!

In the first of the 3 training days, the Top 20 teams got to try their hands at 2 types of animation — Digital 2D and Stop Motion.

Of the two, Digital 2D required a little more software knowledge and skills, which the instructors had imparted during the session.

The teams were split into 2 different groups – some teams picked Digital 2D, other teams were getting hands-on with Stop Motion!

It was quite a day for teams as some got to try their hands at animation for the first time, having fun with their teams in the process! The instructors were also always on hand to tend to the teams’ questions and help them out along the way.


The second and third day focused on storyboard training and the Top 20 teams were given a full day to work on their story ideas.

The instructors were also present to give the teams ideas, insights and tips to improve their story without it deviating too much from their seed idea.

This consultation and story-refining activity continued on to the last day where teams were allowed to do a trial pitch before the panel of judges, Mr Joshua and Mr Ellery.

With the trial pitches, Mr Joshua and Mr Ellery would provide teams with thoughts and feedback on ways that they can improve their stories before the Superpitch.

No matter how nervous the teams were during the trial pitch, it would certainly not match up to how intense the atmosphere would be at the Superpitch the very next day.

Before the teams were dismissed, Mr Ellery shared some final words and gave the Top 20 teams a word of encouragement, for them to do their very best for the Superpitch!

Intrigued to find out what went down during the Superpitch? You will just have to wait for the next entry to find out!

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