At last, the Top 20 Superpitch!

At long last!

After undergoing 6 days of intensive training, animation workshops as well as nerve-wrecking elimination processes, our Top 20 have made it to the Superpitch!

Teams were allocated pitching time slots and only allowed an hour before their pitch time to put everything together — from props to storyboards and even revising and practicing of their pitch!

When it was time for them to pitch, teams were ushered into a small theater before the panel of judges.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the teams as they pitched their ideas to the judges!

Some teams left the judges laughing away while others left them intrigued.

After half a day of pitching, the judges were tasked with the difficult decision of narrowing it down to the Top 10.

This far along in the N.E.mation! journey, the competition has certainly started to heat up and picking 10 out of 20 teams was quite a challenge!

Nonetheless, after much discussions, the judges settled on their Top 10 and Mr Ellery took to delivering the results to the very eager 20 teams seated within the auditorium.

The result announcement format followed the Top 20 results where teams were called to the front and this time around individually mentioned if they had made it through… or not.

After having come this far, teams that have made it into the Top 10 were leaping in joy while those who did not were left visibly upset. Afterall, by this point the teams had all committed a lot of time and effort to the N.E.mation! competition.

The instructors, who had spent a good amount of time with the teams during this period, were also naturally hyped up with the team when they had made it through and also consoling those who did not.

Speaking of instructors, the teams also took this time to give thanks to their instructors for their help and support thus far. The scene was very moving and it certainly shows that bonds can develop within a mere 1 week!

Here’s a big round of applause to all the instructors for their help!

And while it is a pity to teams that have made it this far only to face elimination, it goes to show that there is potential and certainly room for development… so never stop trying and we hope to see you all again in N.E.mation! 8!

Last but not least, congratulations to our Top 10 teams!

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