First look at The RoyalPotato Academy of Animation :D

Greetings, fellow Spudlings. 

We are RoyalPotato. Now, we know what you’re wondering: Why Royal Potato? Our name came from our Emmy and Oscar award winning president-prime minister-admiral-general-supreme commander-billionaire-epic pig flying potato King’s mind. He was obsessed with the word ‘potato’ at the time and the team name potato was already taken. And our looks-young-but-is-older-than-you-think Queen wanted the word ‘princess’  in it. HOWEVER, we have boys T^T So we compromised and thus, with the help of Chemical X , Royal Potato was formed!

We will be updating you guys on our  NEmation Journey 🙂 So Stay tune and Please Support Us by LIKING our group at

Follow us @ChildishKitty, @Sheraz_Zone, @TurtleofPower, @domong13 for interesting updates and even some behind-the-scenes action! 

From left to right: King Dominic, Prince Chun Guan, Princess Sherafina, Queen Sherry

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