Hey! We, Shy Nee Girls (ShiNyGirls)”sparkle”!

Hey people! We are in the top 10 of N.E.mation7. We, the ShiNyGirls need your support! Be a fan of us!

Firstly, we created this team name as the letters in capital letters stand for our school in short form: St. Nicholas Girls. We love our school and want to include our school’s name as we are representing our school(we try to live with our name).

Introducing ourselves: …

Twinkling Wenqi:

Loves chocolate and television!

Sparkling Winnie:

Loves her chinchillas

Shimmering Amberly:

Chatty, loves Hawaii and is friendly

Blink blink Tianqi:


Loves korean dramas and sleeping

Awesome ShiNyGirls photo:

Like us on our facebook NEmation page under top 10 and keep a lookout for us too!

Thanks!!! It would be so much help to us!

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