Introducing the four captains…

(don’t we have a great sense of humour?)

Hello hello! We are All These Ships from Methodist Girls’ School. What is the purpose of this post? Just to introduce ourselves to you guys, haha. It’s always good to know who you’re supporting, right?… right? 

Anywaaay, on to the group introduction!

Our team is comprised of four girls in Sec 2 – Jade, Sheryl, Nell and Sarah. In fact, we’re all in the same class this year! Nell and Sarah first joined in N.E.mation!6 and got into the Top 100. This year, they decided to ask their classmates Sheryl and Jade to join and voila! Our team is now in the top 10. Go us, man.


The faces of victory

A bit about ourselves: Sarah and Nell both like webcomics, but Sarah likes RPG/adventure/generally-wordy games and Nell likes German authors (???). Sheryl, the hopeless romantic, likes reading, playing the guitar and writing (but she’s not German so Nell doesn’t like her.) Jade is your generic Kpop fangirl who likes Super Junior… and the Legend of Zelda.

So you might be thinking: why is our group name All These Ships? That’s a secret – well, not really. It’s kind of an inside joke. If you get it, good for you! If you’re not sure, guess in the comments, and we’ll tell you if you’re right. :p We’ll be updating you guys on our progress during the production period, from NYP. We’ll be sitting in tents working along with this guy…

This is our instructor, Professor X (impression art by one of our members)

No really, his name is Xavier. Though he’s not really a professor, and he doesn’t actually need a wheelchair. Or even have one. Don’t be intimidated by that sketch – he’s actually a really nice guy 🙂

We wish we could say more, but we’re already being too wordy, haha. So we’ll talk ourselves individually another time, perhaps in another post or on Twitter or Facebook or something. So do follow/like us! 

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