Hello we are Oneminute here! We are a crazy bunch of kazua (inside joke) from Anglican High School (AHS)! Our team consists of Audrey (leader hehe), Cynthia, Cheyenne and Yin Xi.

We are very excited that we got into the top 10 of this N.E.mation competition! (I mean, look at Yin Xi (girl at the left), she’s so happy that’s she going to fly.)

The competition also brought 4 of us very close together, despite us being in the same CCA, we have barely interacted as we are from different levels, one of us from Sec 3 (can you guess who?) and one of us just joined the CCA.

Now… Let us introduce our members!

Audrey: The tall(est of the group) who is kinda weird because she always laughs when the rest are not laughing. Is the most tech-savvy of the group.

Cynthia: Crazy person who can either be very hyper or very emo. Sometimes scary when she’s leading (says Audrey).

(Cynthia being a very good speaker. So professional.)

Cheyenne: Also a very crazy person who can’t stop laughing when she laughs. Calls everyone her ‘baby’ (very creepy says everyone).

Yin Xi: The quiet one of the group. Soft spoken and we always try to make her present louder (which she can under stress).

We took this on the day of the Top 10 announcement with our instructors! (Actually, both of them are instructors from Animagine we met when they conducted a stopmotion in our school, we met them again during our Top 100 journey!)

2nd row: Cynthia, Audrey, Ms Hazel
1st row: Mr Alvin , Cheyenne, Yin Xi


Thanks for viewing and please do like our page! We’ll be updating our page often so stay tuned! (:

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