Wish You Had Any?

HEY THERE YARNEY BARNIANS! We’re posting again, as promised ;D Hmmm, guess what’s up today? Well, something reaaaallyyyy YARNEY BARNEY. You will definitely be ‘barned’.

First up, we have *drum roll please* THE YARNEY BARNEY FELT BADGE! Looks coooooool, yes?


We have five self-sewn badges, each member with one each, with an additional one sewn for Ms Jade (our really really nice instructor! :D). They were all sewn by Sophia (SANTA!), with a little help from the ‘weird sound making thing’, Teresa. :O 

It is made up of our team’s colours (Yes! We do have team colours! :)) : BLUE & ORANGE. If you happen to visit our Tumblr: yarneybarney.tumblr.com (Go follow! :D), you would realise that the background consists of these colours. 😀
It may look plain, but you gotta agree, it looks cool right?! 😀




It’s done by our lame-but-totally-awesome artist, Teresa. What we are trying to imply here, is that, SOMEBODY is really “有空”! Hahahaaa just kidding!

If you want to try making a stamp, by all means, go ahead! 😀 All you need is some wood carving tools and an eraser (yes, an eraser, no kidding). If you happen to need any help, feel free to ask your questions about the creation process on our Tumblr page, Twitter (@YarneyBarney) or just comment below this post.

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Now, its the part you all have been waiting for! THE PUNY-JOKE-QUESTION of the post:
What happened too the frog’s car that broke down? ——————————It got toad away! 
Check back reaaaal soon! 
Yarney Barney :B
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