A Trip the Island

A Trip to the Island

Hi there! Looking out for updates on what we have been doing? Well, I have something to share.

On 2 Novemeber 2012 the top 10 participants from N.E.mation visited the Tiny Island Studio.

It is a studio located at Redhill. Tiny Island is collaborating with another company and started an academy which trains young adults –> professional 3D animation!

 Tiny Island does not only create tv shows but also, computer games. They cover animations from young kids to teenagers with interesting plots and story twists.


Dream defenders is one of their cartoon series which they produced.

The trip to the studio made the team realise how difficult it is to make a simple 30 mins clip. It can take a few months with about 50 people working on it.

The studio inspired the team as we realised how focused and stressful it is to work in such an environment, the environment we would be working in during the production.

[Picture of the top 10 teams with our instructors]

 For more updates on the upcoming production stay tuned 😀

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