Visiting a local productions studio!

Hello everyone! 😀

Shirley here , back with her lame jokes ! Yay! So sorry that our previous post had no pictures. Thus we’ve tried to include pictures in here ! However we couldn’t take any pictures of the inside of the  amazing production studio so yep, no photos for that . D:

Okay so today we went to TINY ISLAND PRODUCTIONS STUDIO. (oh where is it, it’s so tiny I can’t see it. xD ) Hahahah no I was just joking . Well, to be honest, I’ve never really heard of Tiny Island Productions Studio until today.  And yes it’s also my first time visiting an animation production studio. (well maybe second, since our group just went to Animagine yesterday ..) But still I was horribly excited because hey, it’s an animation studio, where all the awesome cartoon and stuff we watch come from . 😀

But we met with a major problem today . HAHAH WE GOT LOST . ._. (I guess my sense of direction isn’t that good afterall heh.) Apparently the address is supposed to be 141 Redhill Road, but there was a bit of confusion along the way and I mistook it the ‘141’ to be like some building number or so. And we were like around Blk 70 plus so we kept walking down even after passing by the building itself! D: Wang Ao and I, out of boredom, started repeating “Are we lost? Yes we are!” Hahahah pretty lame huh. I guess we missed the building also because it was like some NTUC building and we all thought that Tiny Island Productions had their own building so yeahhh .. Still we were the first to reach. Haha not bad right. 😀

Okay so back to the main topic (omg finally ._.). The Tiny Island Productions studio is really really awesome ! 😀 We were actually supposed to remove our shoes before going in but I think they made it an exception for us. I’m glad, since most of us were wearing school shoes so I guess no one would want to go home with the wrong shoe or something LOL. Well, the studio wasn’t as big as we expected, but it definitely contained many cool stuff inside like comic books, figurines, posters, computers(there are many) and many more(including a cute elmo soft toy on someone’s table xD). 


Later on we were brought to another room where we were showed many animation clips which were totally AMAZING. The students took picture of random places of Singapore and editted it to make it seem like a scene in superhero movies and all . I was like , “Wow omg . :O” And we could watch animation done by Tiny Island Productions itself like ‘Dream Defenders’ and ‘Shelldon’. It was wonderful . 😀 During Q&A, I asked the director how long it takes for them to finish an animation clip and he replied that a 30-minute clip would take about 6 months or so. And apparently they showed us a Ben 10 movie which they animated and the supposed duration was an hour (although they didn’t show the whole thing). Which means it look them ALMOST A YEAR (maybe even more). Wow. Thumbs up man. 😀

The time spent at Tiny Island Productions studio was definitely not wasted. It was a great learning experience to all of us. How I wish that our animation would turn up as great as theirs . 😀 We will work hard and we hope that all of you will continue to support and encourage us! By the way, thanks for all your support ! If you haven’t voted for us on Facebook yet, do go and ‘like’ us now! ^^

Ah this sure is a long post . You haven’t fallen asleep yet , right ? xD
Okay then, bye!


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